Blood Atonement

Blood Atonement Best Read || [Dan Waddell] - Blood Atonement, Blood Atonement Genealogist Nigel Barnes s second case leads him into the dark heart of the Mormon church and a gruesome century old secret Detective Chief Inspector Grant Foster is called to a homicide at the home Blood Atonement Best Read || [Dan Waddell] - Blood Atonement, Blood Atonement Genealogist Nigel Barnes s second case leads him into the dark heart of the Mormon church and a gruesome century old secret Detective Chief Inspector Grant Foster is called to a homicide at the home

  • Title: Blood Atonement
  • Author: Dan Waddell
  • ISBN: 9780312378912
  • Page: 406
  • Format: Hardcover
Blood Atonement

Blood Atonement Best Read || [Dan Waddell], Blood Atonement, Dan Waddell, Blood Atonement Genealogist Nigel Barnes s second case leads him into the dark heart of the Mormon church and a gruesome century old secret Detective Chief Inspector Grant Foster is called to a homicide at the home of a single mother in Queens Park London Her throat has been cut from ear to ear and her body dumped in the garden Her daughter and only child Naomi who has just turnGenealogist Nig Blood Atonement Best Read || [Dan Waddell] - Blood Atonement, Blood Atonement Genealogist Nigel Barnes s second case leads him into the dark heart of the Mormon church and a gruesome century old secret Detective Chief Inspector Grant Foster is called to a homicide at the home

  • Blood Atonement Best Read || [Dan Waddell]
    406Dan Waddell
Blood Atonement

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  • Dan Waddell

    Dan Waddell is a journalist and author who lives in west London He has published ten non fiction books, including the bestselling Who Do You Think You Are , which tied in with the successful BBC TV series The Blood Detective is his first novel Series Nigel Barnes

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  • Who knew that I would get all caught up in a thriller like police procedural series And we re only two books in And I m already chomping at the bit wanting to know when Dan Waddell is going to give us the next book in the Nigel Barnes Inspector Grant Foster series.Waddell s second book, Blood Atonement, is every bit as gripping as the first and a little bit Here we have Inspector Foster returning to duty after a recovery period that resulted after injuries sustained in the wrap up of The Blood [...]

  • Okay so I m a bit of a fan which after two books is quite an achievement It s probably a little bit to do with the basic premise of genealogy being used to solve crimes family tree research being an investigation in its own right after all , but mostly it s because Dan Waddell really can tell a bit of a tale.There is a serial killer theme to BLOOD ATONEMENT, although initially it s only Detective Grant Foster who sees the parallels between the death of Katie Drake, and the disappearance of her 1 [...]

  • I still love the concept genealogist solves mysteries through research, but this plot was too ridiculous even for me Also numerous little lapses really irritated me such as having a resident of a small town in Utah talking about something being 40 kilometers away Kilometers Sorry, despite all the educational attempts, people in the US still talk about miles Also, nonsense like this More than one and a half billion of these names had been captured on roll after roll of microfilm.These names were [...]

  • Gripping story written exceeding wellI am delighted to discover Dan Waddell s genealogy based books, featuring Nigel Barnes, The Blood Detective I ve read a few of the books in this newish genre and Dan s are up there with the best.The research included is based on real sources, as the best ones are, and the characters and storytelling is compelling stuff There s tension and mystery and believability and much, The books draw me in very quickly and the main characters quickly become people I car [...]

  • Having enjoyed the first book in this series, I had to get my hands on this second, which also appears to be the last Blood Atonement acknowledges the elephant in the room the Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter Day Saints and the powerhouse position they have in the world of genealogy Members may not be happy with Waddell s depiction of their religion since it touches on fundamentalist offshoots that practice polygamy as well as the actions the church has taken to erase or at least cover up th [...]

  • Excellent second book of seriesI thoroughly enjoyed reading Dan s second book in the Nigel Barnes series Found it even better than the first While searching and not finding books 3 4 I came across a FB posting by another reader, Jennifer, wondering where to find the next two in the series listed at the end Author Dan replied that they will be available soon 3 Mar Patience can be rewarding

  • Another fantastic well written novel but Waddells uses the same format for this novel as his last one.The characters are complex and the plot moves quickly keeping you interested and informed.This novel seems have to heart and warmth to it.

  • ExcellentBoth books in this series were great.Do love main characters Norton,Nigel,Heather.The stories were fantastic.hard to put down.Don t know how you thought these up but please continue Mr.Waddell,I ll be reading.

  • 3.7 5 stars I really like Nigel however, I felt the writing of the Mormon storyline was a bit stilted Also, the voices of the American characters didn t really ring true for me Otherwise, I really enjoyed it, and I look forward to reading the next in the series.

  • Another fantastic book in the blood detective series.Brilliant book very hard to put down Loved the way the past and present were used to create reasons for the murders Hurry up with the next one please.

  • Really great readLikeable characters working towards solving murders kidnappings The dialogue flows beautifully with characters behaving believably Unflattering view of the Mormon church so be forewarned.

  • Second in the Don Waddell genealogy detective series and just as well developed and suspenseful as the first Waddell uses a fascinating cult connection going back generations in one family line, with dark boding to the present day family.

  • Well doneI look forward to reading from Mr Waddell The characters are realistic and likeable Good news for Nigel and Foster, who both have new relationships in their lives.

  • Another genealogy mystery I have to smile, one of the characters is DI Grant Foster, wonder what sunglasses he wears

  • I really liked the book Its one I was given free I would read of this series, if my library had them A good mystery thriller.

  • Loved this book just as much as the first one in the series, so much so that I stayed wake long after I should have just so I could finish it Can t give it a higher recommendation than that.

  • Blood atonementAnother fantastic book I just couldn t put it down The murder investigation just flows on so fluently Can t wait to read the next book.

  • Cannot wait for the next instalment Love the geneology twist to these books I do worry about the shelf life though but looking forward to finding out what s next

  • As a practicing Mormon, I was nervous going into this audiobook about how my church would be treated These are the thoughts I had as I read the story Story is a combination of rumor, supposition, truth based probably on research and embellishment Some stereotypes sister has 9 children , obnoxious modern Mormon woman Donna who bad mouths the church to prove that not all Mormons fit the stereotype created cities, fake history and over the top description of historical Mormons, polygamists and youn [...]

  • A fascinating mixture of modern crime novel and family history research, Blood Atonement takes Nigel Barnes from London to the USA as he races against time to find answers for Detective Chief Inspector Grant Foster Foster s first case after returning to work following injuries sustained in The Blood Detective first in this genealogical crime series is a dead actress and her missing daughter Links to the actress s past, mystery about her family and unanswered questions, lead Foster to call in the [...]

  • Blood Atonement has all the ingredients of a good murder mystery plus a fascinating account of the use of DNA and genealogical research to solve the case There are two main characters, Detective Chief Inspector Grant Foster, an honest, hardworking police officer who is recovering from serious injury and Nigel Barnes, a talented professional genealogist, who, as yet, is unable to trace his own birth parents Both men live alone and are connected to Detective Inspector Heather Jenkins, with whom th [...]

  • When I read the first one in this series, which I loved, I sort of thought of it as a series following genealogist Nigel Barnes The two detectives, Heather Jenkins and Grant Foster, were important characters, but I felt the main focus was Nigel Well, in this one, it s clear they are protagonists as well The case in this one revolves around the murder of a woman and the disappearance of her 14 year old daughter A combination of forensic evidence and Nigel s genealogical investigations lead to eve [...]

  • Detective Chief Inspector Grant Foster emitted a weary sigh as he crouched over the woman s corpse, arc lights in the garden bathing them both in bright light, anticipating the first light of dawn Author Dan Waddell has written the second in his series of British murder mysteries featuring a special kind of investigator, a genealogist Right up my alley Blood Atonement delivers some satisfying research moments you don t see mitochondrial DNA results being used to solve murders too often Waddell a [...]

  • This second book featuring Nigel Barnes genealogy wizard and police members Grant Foster and Heather Jenkins is just a good as the first.The modern mystery is nice and twisty and has its roots in the past Once again Nigel is hired to do his bit to help the police discover a motive, a pattern and possibly a list of suspects list of potential victims.Nigel is charming as always Foster is chafing under the restrictions placed on him as he comes back to work with his boss, Harris, being just as offi [...]

  • Wow, this guy can really write I enjoyed the first book but the serial killer theme was a little predictable so was very pleased with the second book Yes, several people are killed but the tying together of the past 1890 s and the present was fascinating and bringing in the newer methods of tracing people s history like DNA was interesting.Nigel, the genealogist, and Grant, the detective, are both back and so is Grant s partner and Nigel s love interest When a woman is found dead in her garden a [...]

  • I loved it I really enjoyed the first book in the series but this one was even better I found it so fascinating not just the genealogy but the reasons behind the murders, too I don t want to give any spoilers The audiobook production is top notch Colin Mace does a fantastic job narrating You don t absolutely have to read the first book before this one, as it can stand on its own However, I think it is enjoyable if you do read them in order as it is nice to see how the characters have grown and [...]

  • Despite one really egregious error about genealogy research which any American genealogist would know, but I forgive Waddell because he s English , this second in a series mixes murder and genealogy for a cracking good yarn It s a mixture of amateur sleuth and police procedural with the best of both genres The plot is perhaps merely an updated version of Conan Doyle s A Study in Scarlet but anyone who reads the newspapers knows that it is not totally implausible even today Readers who like Briti [...]

  • Second in the series featuring genealogist Nigel Barnes Still clean Again, a series of gruesome murders with a link to past events This time there seems to be a link to some sort of cult But how And why can the victims ancestors be traced back only to the last of the 19th century There is a lot to discover in this family This time there is some surprising DNA evidence motivating the search for family members A very good read.

  • This is the second book in the Nigel Barnes series and I liked it even better than the first Half police procedural and half historical mystery, lots of action and an original and intricate plot The characters had a bit depth in this one, making it easier to relate to them and get involved in story I love the genealogical info, it s always fascinating to me Great story, really enjoyed it and can t wait for the next.

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