The Tenth Power

[PDF] The Tenth Power | by ↠ Kate Constable - The Tenth Power, The Tenth Power The third and final instalment of the Chanters of Tremaris fantasy series follows Calwyn and her friends to the endless winter of Antaris [PDF] The Tenth Power | by ↠ Kate Constable - The Tenth Power, The Tenth Power The third and final instalment of the Chanters of Tremaris fantasy series follows Calwyn and her friends to the endless winter of Antaris

  • Title: The Tenth Power
  • Author: Kate Constable
  • ISBN: 9781865089768
  • Page: 490
  • Format: Paperback
The Tenth Power

[PDF] The Tenth Power | by ↠ Kate Constable, The Tenth Power, Kate Constable, The Tenth Power The third and final instalment of the Chanters of Tremaris fantasy series follows Calwyn and her friends to the endless winter of Antaris [PDF] The Tenth Power | by ↠ Kate Constable - The Tenth Power, The Tenth Power The third and final instalment of the Chanters of Tremaris fantasy series follows Calwyn and her friends to the endless winter of Antaris

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  • [PDF] The Tenth Power | by ↠ Kate Constable
    490 Kate Constable
The Tenth Power

About “Kate Constable

  • Kate Constable

    Kate Constable was born in Sangringham, Melborne Victoria, Australia When she was six years old, her family moved to Papua New Guinea where her father worked as a pilot Constable got her Arts Law degree at Melborne University, then got a job at Warner Music She started writing during these years She wrote several short stories before becoming an author and after her first attempt at writing a novel she fell in love with the man that is now her husband They have a daughter.Constable s first official novel was The Singer of All Songs, in a trilogy called The Chanters of Tremaris It was published in 2002, a few weeks after Constable s daughter was born.

437 thoughts on “The Tenth Power

  • I ve enjoyed reading this series a lot I loved the first book The second I really liked but not as much as the first and then this book was about on par with the second one I liked most of the book, especially the way the relationship between Calwyn and Darrow ended up However, there are a few things in this book that I felt didn t work so well There is one part in the book where it suddenly goes sort of sci fi and it was a bit weird It was a little confusing as well at one point why exactly the [...]

  • This is definately the best book of the trilogy Constable has gotten to know her characters since the last book, and knows what s going on Calwyn has to save Tremaris, she s known this since the first book, but now it s time to do it Though, she has a problem no powers The book goes on to show that even though Calwyn has lost her powers, she can still help, she s still going to be strong, and she s not going to let it get in the way of her stopping the loss of everyone s powers.

  • Reread this yesterday, and had to change my rating of the third book I d still give the series as a whole four stars, but this last one wasn t as good Calwyn, who up until now had been fairly likeable, is now a selfish ornery weirdo Plus, the end was pretty screwed up with her kissing Samis and all that Seriously, was that even necessary There was not reason for it, except to show that she has no loyalty to Darrow And when it spoke of how she thought of Samis sometimes when Darrow kissed her, YU [...]

  • I really don t know how to write this review I was ready for this book, in some ways I anticipated much of the ending and saw the logical end or beginning of each character s arc and how it should go On paper, this book was nothing truly special yet somehow I was blown away The best metaphor I can think of is that it comes close to the Platonic form of young adult coming of age fantasy story There s nothing new here, it s all been done before, and yet Kate Constable makes the familiar tropes and [...]

  • I liked loved this book Seriously view spoiler I think that everything was well pulled together, despite a few questions that were left unanswered Will Samis come back What will happen to Darrow What about Antaris GUAAHHH I loved the fact that it wasn t the usual DARROW I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU TOO, CALWYN It had a few love scenes, but they were pretty short and simple xD The one thing that made me mad was the fact that Samis just disappears What, did he vanish into the imaginary sunset Gueh hide s [...]

  • This was an amazing book, what with Darrow and his sickness and how Calwyn gets her powers back and actually helps, and partially falls in love with Samis.

  • Yes This is another book from my to reads list Another book off After this review of The Tenth Power, I m going to go back to reviewing some of NetGalley books because I have some books on to read Fun stuff.Let s dig in The Tenth Power is the third and final book of The Singer of All Songs I have to say that cover is mesmerizing There is something about the woman, the man, and the moon Something mystical Hmm Okay I ll stop musing over that book cover I just want to say that it looks really amazi [...]

  • Setting World Building 5 5Main Character 4 5Other Characters 4 5Plot 4 5Writing 5 5Triggering Issues 4 5 Random adultery esque love triangle out of nowhere AVERAGED TOTAL 4.3 out of 5, rounded to 4 There s something about either these books, or the author, that manages to somehow wrap me up in the awesome plot, but also interject random things that just irritate the heck out of me and have no reason for being there This book definitely did that A good 85% of it or so was just a great, fun read I [...]

  • I love, love, LOVE this series, and I don t even know why, because it isn t exactly my type of reading I found the first of The Chanters of Tremaris books when browsing my school library one day, and was hooked I couldn t get to the next ones fast enough Then I couldn t order my own copies fast enough Anyway, this was probably my favorite book of the series They are all pretty well written They have an interesting setting, a believable world created by the author that you want to go live in your [...]

  • I was fascinated by this world, especially the characters NEVER had I been so caught up in a book because of how the characters appealed to me My favorite thing most of all was definitely Calwyn and Darrow, because I m a sucker for romanceWhen I got the ending to the book, the beginning caught and held me until the very last page I think I read it in exactly one day Nonetheless, I loved the ending it was a tad cliche, I will say that, and there was one bit to it I didn t really understand reader [...]

  • The Tenth Power The last book to the Chanters of Tremaris Trilogy This novel is just as wonderful and magical as the previous two, but with a few twists and turns to add a little spice to the story In the final installment of this trilogy, there is sacrifice, love, sorrow, anger, and so much What else could you expect from a story where the magic of the land is dying, along with those who possess the power of song The characters have all grown so much in this book, their personalities have chan [...]

  • Overall a WONDERFUL series If I could give a rating to the series as a whole it would be a 5 I loved that this series was able to bring in a cute little romance but not make it the main plot of the book The story was exciting and enthrallingI think I finished the whole series in four days I also loved the way this author used singing and dancing as the way to do magic The ending was just beautiful and was very touching to me I highly recommend this book to those who would like to visit a unique [...]

  • This was a fabulous end to this wonderfully written and exciting trilogy I m glad I ran across this book while perusing Lansing s library shelves Kate Constable has created some very wonderful and lovable characters As you read you really feel like you know the characters and can feel their joy and their pain By the way, I loved Halasaa Oh, and Scout, and everyone else See, I loved the characters.

  • When Calwyn returns to Antaris she finds it changed drastically and she is at a loss to explain this to her traveling companions, Trout and Mica Her path leads to her betrayal into the hands of Samis, redemption from the Tree People, and the struggle to find and develop her own powers This is an amazing conclusion to the Chanters of Tremaris trilogy.

  • I finished the entire trilogy in about two and a half hours quick, exciting read amazing characters, an amazing story, and beautiful language I would highly recommend this book to anyone who likes fantasy, poetry, or adventure I was disappointed when the story ended, but it was well crafted as an end to the trilogy.

  • At last everything comes together and we finally begin to understand I enjoyed every moment of reading this book It was truly beautiful and it helped me to have a new understanding of the power of a singing voice The ending of this book was epic and when I finally closed it I felt refreshed and satisfied Thank you Kate Constable for such an amazing series

  • What a finish I was purely enteratained throught this entire sereis There are a few kisses in this book I never did understand the Samis thing at the end In the beginning I might have let a younger audience read his book, but by the end I would raise it up to a teenager book mosty due to the relationship that develops it s clean and the age of the characters.

  • A fabulously heart wrenching and powerful conclusion to the trilogy chronicling the land of Tremaris This entire book is so chock full of emotion and action that reading it is like being tossed about on storm swept waters, hurtling forward towards a conclusion that you cannot see, and that takes your breath away I will admit that I cried a lot for the last few chapters.

  • I LOVED this book So many things happen that you think will work out and then it all goes to pot but it all works out in the end.I loved the growth from the main characters and that I finally get some of that romance, but it s still really clean.A perfect ending to a great trilogy Thank you Constable

  • This was the third of a trilogy and my least favorite of the three By the end of the quest and the novel, I realized I d been duped into reading an impassioned trilogy in support of a mother earth run by a female god I was not amused I don t plan to read anything else by this author as she has shown herself to be so unscrupulous in her opinion promotions.

  • One of the best series I ve read I m going to have to read it again despite the fact that I ve already read it three times that s just how much I enjoyed it You would think that having read the series three times I wouldn t be able to enjoy reading it any, but I find myself enjoying the series even every time i read it.

  • I really enjoyed this ending to the trilogy I love the slight sci fi touch with the truth of the lost city I thought that Calwyn s moments of weakness gave her depth and complexity as she reached the height of her powers.

  • This last book of the Chanters of Tremaris trilogy is my favorite of the series and a strong conclusion The main character really comes into her own, especially when she s forced to discover her own value and strength, even without magic.

  • Love this triology I actually skipped school when this book came out so I could buy it from the bookstore and spend all day reading it Interesting plot and loveable characters This book will take you on an amazing adventure in a world that is magically and beautiful.

  • Love this book, like when they find out that they re twins, so good, and the healing of their land, and Cal sending the ship far, far away, must read The Taste of Lightning now First Read January 1st 2011 Great ending to a great series Loved it

  • This is a fabulous conclusion to the trilogy This is the second time I read The Chanters of Tremaris trilogy, and I love it just as much, if not than the first time I read it This series will remain one of my all time favorites

  • The Tenth Power was a very good book.It is a bit too sad but other than that I really liked it.I wish there was another book in this series Kiran

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