The Last Great Dance on Earth

The Last Great Dance on Earth Best Download || [Sandra Gulland] - The Last Great Dance on Earth, The Last Great Dance on Earth The Last Great Dance on Earth is the triumphant final volume of Sandra Gulland s beloved trilogy based on the life of Josephine Bonaparte When the novel opens Josephine and Napoleon have been married The Last Great Dance on Earth Best Download || [Sandra Gulland] - The Last Great Dance on Earth, The Last Great Dance on Earth The Last Great Dance on Earth is the triumphant final volume of Sandra Gulland s beloved trilogy based on the life of Josephine Bonaparte When the novel opens Josephine and Napoleon have been married

  • Title: The Last Great Dance on Earth
  • Author: Sandra Gulland
  • ISBN: 9780006485629
  • Page: 125
  • Format: Hardcover
The Last Great Dance on Earth

The Last Great Dance on Earth Best Download || [Sandra Gulland], The Last Great Dance on Earth, Sandra Gulland, The Last Great Dance on Earth The Last Great Dance on Earth is the triumphant final volume of Sandra Gulland s beloved trilogy based on the life of Josephine Bonaparte When the novel opens Josephine and Napoleon have been married for four tumultuous years Napoleon is Josephine s great love and she his But their passionate union is troubled from within as Josephine is unable to produce an heir The Last Great Dance on Earth Best Download || [Sandra Gulland] - The Last Great Dance on Earth, The Last Great Dance on Earth The Last Great Dance on Earth is the triumphant final volume of Sandra Gulland s beloved trilogy based on the life of Josephine Bonaparte When the novel opens Josephine and Napoleon have been married

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  • The Last Great Dance on Earth Best Download || [Sandra Gulland]
    125 Sandra Gulland
The Last Great Dance on Earth

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  • Sandra Gulland

    I m the author of the JOSEPHINE B TRILOGY, the internationally best selling novels based on the life of Josephine Bonaparte, Napoleon s wife The Trilogy has been published in 17 countries I most recently published THE SHADOW QUEEN, the sister novel of MISTRESS OF THE SUN Both novels are set in the Court of Louis XIV, the Sun King Soon THE GAME OF HOPE, a Young Adult novel about Josephine Bonaparte s daughter and Napoleon s stepdaughter , will be published in Canada and the US, An American Canadian, I was born in Miami, Florida, and lived in Rio de Janeiro, Berkeley and Chicago before immigrating to Canada in 1970 to teach in an Inuit village in northern Labrador Note my birthday above is fictitious for security reasons, but I m not coy about my age I was born in 1944 Settling in Toronto, I worked as a book editor for a decade before moving with my husband and two children to a log house in northern Ontario, where, in 1985, I began writing full time Our two children grown, my husband and I now live half the year in Ontario, and half in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico For information about me, my research and work, go to my website at sandragulland I also write a blog, and can be found on the Net in a number of locals Website sandragulland Blog sandragulland Facebook bit sgullandFacebookTwitter twitter Sandra_Gulland

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  • What time is it Almost three Come outside with me Now I asked, but threw back the covers It s a little chilly, he said, draping a cape over my shoulders.A full moon hung over the river, bathing the gardens in a radiant light It reminds me of something you once wrote to me, I said, taking Bonaparte s hand That we are born, we live and we die in the midst of the marvellous Don t you just love when a book is so all consuming that every minute of your leisure time is spent between its covers The fac [...]

  • The first half of this book was enthralling Between the battles, the separations, the different Bonaparte brothers and sisters having so much drama escapades and mating birthing tales, the politico intrigues of possible assassination But it didn t grasp the relationship or the core of Josephine herself, IMHO, as book 2 and those days of the Terror did Clearly at the beginning of their relationship Napoleon was bonkers for Rose, and actually renamed her But after her spending and associations wit [...]

  • This review stands for the entire trilogy The Josephine Bonaparte Collection The Many Lives and Secret Sorrows of Josephine B Tales of Passion, Tales of Woe, and the Last Great Dance on Earth.I ve read many books about The Terror One of them, Madame Tussaud A Novel of the French Revolution, even mentions Rose Beauharnais later Josephine during her first marriage and then after her marriage to Napoleon Beyond that I knew nothing about this couple except what I learned in 9th grade World History T [...]

  • What a sad conclusion to the Josephine B trilogy I really enjoyed these books and am glad I read them What a life Josephine had much going on than the average person It truly amazes me the things she survived and accomplished This trilogy follows Josephine s life from early age to her death To have it end as it did, really broke my heart but this is the real deal, so it had to happen this way And to think I actually understand Bonaparte to some extent, and cared for him as her husband This unke [...]

  • What a sad story Although Josephine had from the outside looking in a perfect life She was married to a national hero, had two children who loved her, lived in a palace or two and was loved by the French people, her life was far from being a fairytale Her in laws were horrid, greedy people who hated and plotted against her, her husband was unfaithful, and in the end she lost her husband, her home and her crown She didn t much care about losing the crown, but losing her husband was than she coul [...]

  • I enjoyed the accomplishment of finishing the 3 book series it only took me 5 years But also, I was simultaneously watching the wonderful mini series called JOHN ADAMS, and it was one of those a ha learning moments when all the disjointed pieces of info and random dates came in to focus and then as I neared the end of the book, I was glad that I had previously read WAR AND PEACE History makes so much sense with fiction and movies

  • I really enjoyed Gulland s last book in the Josephine B series, The Last Great Dance on Earth It spans Napoleon s rise to First Consul for life to Emperor and Empress to their eventual divorce and Napoleon s first exile It ends with the death of Josephine s death, but Gulland adds an epilogue to tell the rest of the story Napoleon s 100 days, second exile, and the other characters ultimate fates.My impressions of this series It is a really great and fun historical fiction It feels very researche [...]

  • This book was my least favorite of the trilogy because it just seemed to drag on a little longer than needed That said, it was still a great book and I m glad I finished all three.

  • Personally I found this last part least absorbing out of trilogy Character of Josephine, woman who could get by after all bad things that happened to her in previous two parts, who was so inspiring and fascinating to discover, slowly faded in the shadow of Napoleon and his mean family Can t say that I didn t enjoy the book because it still was incredible feeling to discover history anew As a reader from Poland it was so interesting to find bits of my country s history in this book I really feel [...]

  • Finishing the last fifty pages in a race to beat time before I had, really HAD this time to go to sleep, I found myself so wrapped up in the conclusion of this trilogy that, looking up from the last page, the light beside my bed startled me I d been expecting a wax candle and an inkstand, not a fluorescent light bulb and a ballpoint pen.After the first two books had disappointed me in writing style and somewhat oddly developed characters and plot, this one was worth all the irritation I felt rea [...]

  • As always when I ve kind of bonded with the characters, I was sad to see this series a trilogy, actually end I now look at the whole Napoleon Josephine Bonaparte era in a whole new light This series of books personalized, informed and entertained me throughout each one I grew to love Josephine as did all of France, it seems and felt a new admiration for Napoleon He accomplished quite a few miraculous feats in his life in spite of constant threats from every area of his own government, as well as [...]

  • The author states in the closing sections of the book In closing, a word of caution this subject is addictive I seem to have discovered this before even reading her warning as I was already planning what other books I d read about these historical figures and this part of history I m thinking I m going to limit myself to just one book on the topic though I loved this book even than the second It was quite an embarrassing readI got to the really emotional parts on a flight back from a business [...]

  • I LOVED this series, perhaps because I m a bit burned out on Henry the VIII era England but I love historical fiction I have never taken a class on French history, nor did I have any clarity as to how and when Napoleon fit into the scheme of things, and this series actually did clear up a few historical points for me This isn t heavy reading, but the journal style writing is effective and clearly illustrates Josephine s experiences This is no Nobel winning literature, but this book is SUCH an es [...]

  • This was a fantastic trilogy Gulland s research is commendable, so many authentic quotes from letters and other sources But really, her gift is creating people we relate to and root for even though their circumstances are so difficult to imagine Neither napoleon nor Josephine is guiltless But thier motives and mutual devotion are so apparent, so relateable, I was completely engrossed in their story, and saddened by their cruel fate Even 250 years ago, fame was fleeting and adoring fans were fick [...]

  • I think this is a great trilogy and I really enjoyed this last book in the series about Josephine Bonaparte I felt a lot of sympathy for her, especially near the end of her life As with many royal families, Josephine was put under a lot of pressure to produce a male heir Sadly, this was never to be, and ultimately resulted in her divorce from Napoleon Like him or hate him, what I learned through Josephine s diary entries that she really did love the man It was very sad when they divorced, for cl [...]

  • Satisfying end to a good series I never expected to like these books as much as I did, or at least I figured they would end up just being a guilty pleasure But all three of these, including the last, were really nicely written, genuinely informative, and just plain good books I found myself hoping, that maybe this time Napoleon wouldn t be defeated by a land war in Russia I should have remembered those wise words from the Princess Bride

  • The last in Sandra Gullard s fascinating trilogy about the life of Empress Josephine, Napoleon s first wife I d recommend this to anyone who wants to know about life during this turbulent period Make sure you read them in order though Start with The Many Lives and Secret Sorrows of Josephine B.

  • This book made me cry You can really feel Josephine s love for Bonaparte, and it s heartbreaking that they couldn t be together in the end I loved this whole series, I learned a lot about Josephine and this time period I kept fact checking things I was reading as I went along, and it s very historically correct.

  • Wow If I was Napoleon, I would ve exiled my whole family, beginning with my mother I loved the portrayal of Josephine and her children Eugene and Hortense Prestige, titles, crowns, etc were never important to them loving relationships were

  • I can not believe how enjoyable these books are to read So well written and a fast read as they are written in diary form Great way to enjoy a little bit of history and enjoy a love story at the same time I really enjoyed the whole trilogy Highly recommend

  • This is a great trilogy This is the 3rd book.I cried at the end of this book probably the the last quarter of the book Josephine was an amazing woman i don t think i could have endured what she did WOW Great writing i didn t want this series to end.

  • This last book of the trilogy was interesting than the second book Human emotions and mistakes figure very largely in it I had not realized until I read this book that Josephine had been so beloved by the French people.

  • I am so sad to be finishing this trilogy I have loved reading about Josephine who knew her name was really Rose and Bonaparte and the tumultuous era in France I would highly recommend this series as a terrific, informative read.

  • I was so very sorry to finish this last book I loved the series and could start all over again they were so good What a story Thinking about reading some other books on Napoleon and Josephine Seriously addicted.

  • Finished the last book in Sandra Gullland s trilogy about Josephine de Beauharnais, the first wife of Napoleon What a great way to learn about Josephine I highly recommend this trilogy.

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