The Trojan Women

↠ The Trojan Women ↠ Euripides Alan Shapiro - The Trojan Women, The Trojan Women Among surviving Greek tragedies only Euripides Trojan Women shows us the extinction of a whole city an entire people Despite its grim theme or likely because of the centrality of that theme to the d ↠ The Trojan Women ↠ Euripides Alan Shapiro - The Trojan Women, The Trojan Women Among surviving Greek tragedies only Euripides Trojan Women shows us the extinction of a whole city an entire people Despite its grim theme or likely because of the centrality of that theme to the d

  • Title: The Trojan Women
  • Author: Euripides Alan Shapiro
  • ISBN: 9780195374933
  • Page: 379
  • Format: Paperback
The Trojan Women

↠ The Trojan Women ↠ Euripides Alan Shapiro, The Trojan Women, Euripides Alan Shapiro, The Trojan Women Among surviving Greek tragedies only Euripides Trojan Women shows us the extinction of a whole city an entire people Despite its grim theme or likely because of the centrality of that theme to the deepest fears of our own age this is one of the relatively few Greek tragedies that regularly finds its way to the stage Here the power of Euripides theatrical and moAmong surviving G ↠ The Trojan Women ↠ Euripides Alan Shapiro - The Trojan Women, The Trojan Women Among surviving Greek tragedies only Euripides Trojan Women shows us the extinction of a whole city an entire people Despite its grim theme or likely because of the centrality of that theme to the d

  • ↠ The Trojan Women ↠ Euripides Alan Shapiro
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The Trojan Women

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    Greek Euripides Ancient Greek ca 480 BC 406 BC was the last of the three great tragedians of classical Athens the other two being Aeschylus and Sophocles Ancient scholars thought that Euripides had written ninety five plays, although four of those were probably written by Critias Eighteen of Euripides plays have survived complete It is now widely believed that what was thought to be a nineteenth, Rhesus, was probably not by Euripides Fragments, some substantial, of most of the other plays also survive More of his plays have survived than those of Aeschylus and Sophocles together, partly because of the chance preservation of a manuscript that was probably part of a complete collection of his works in alphabetical order.enpedia wiki Euripides

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  • I found this play to possibly be the Greek tragedy that has evoked the most emotion from me to date I enjoy Euripides critical, ironic style and how he plays with different versions of Greek myths and this play is no different It was very hard hitting and dealt with some dark themes the post war victims in ancient times I could really picture the anguish and I would love to see this play performed on stage It also has some interesting ancient commentary on war in general and the myth of the Troj [...]

  • The Trojan Women Euripides Warning on the Futility of WarThe only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing Edmund BurkeWhat does a play presented in 415 BC possibly have to say to us today Why read it Why would Euripides, a Greek dramatist, choose The Trojan Women as the subjects of one of his greatest plays Did he have a reason in presenting this controversial play to an Athenian audience Be patient with me, oh, Reader Each question has an answer No question present [...]

  • Greek hydria, ca 520 510 BCE Achilles dragging the body of Hector behind his chariot while Hecuba mourns her son s death and the winged figure of Iris pleads for a ransom of Hector s body.Joint review of Euripides The Trojan Women and Jean Paul Sartre s adaptation Les Troyennes What shall the poet say,what words will he inscribe upon your monument Here lies a little child the Argives killed, becausethey were afraid of him That The epitaph of Greek shame.In 415 BCE Euripides staged a trilogy of d [...]

  • After successfully resisting a ten year siege, Troy has fallen, thanks to the Greeks final dirty trick The Trojan men have all been killed The women and children are being carried off to become prostitutes and slaves Hecuba, who yesterday was the queen of this beautiful city, looks at the smoking ruins around her and tries to comfort Andromache, her daughter in law One day, she says, Andromache s young son Astyanax will be a grown man, and he will take revenge on the cruel invaders But Ulysses, [...]

  • Wow This play was stunning I have so many things I would like to say and yet none of my words or even my thoughts feel sufficient The Trojan War is over The women of the city are waiting to hear which of the Greek warriors will be each one s new master, for they are all going into slavery as prizes of war Even King Priam s wife Hecuba, the mother of Paris, the man who started it all by bringing Helen to Troy The play revolves around the women s confusion, their pain, their attempts to understand [...]

  • Medea okumaktan ok ok keyif ald m bir oyundur ama Medea haricinde hi Euripides okumam t m 2016 y l n n son ay na girmi ken bu y l ba ka Euripidesler de okuyay m istedim Medea kadar olmasa da Troyal Kad nlar da severek okudum Oyun, isminden de tahmin edilebilece i zere Truva Troya Sava ndan sonras n anlat yor Sava tan sonra neredeyse t m Troyal erkekler lm , geriye kalan kad nlar ve ocuklar ise birer tutsak olarak al n yorlar Bizler kitap boyunca o kad nlar n aras nda bulunan Troya Krali esi, Kra [...]

  • Aguenta a mudan a de fortuna Ruma por onde puderes passar, ruma de acordo com a sorte,n o voltes a proa do barco da vidacontra as vagas, quando navegas ao sopro do destino Depois de Tr ia tomada pelos Aqueus, os homens s o mortos as crian as atiradas das muralhas as mulheres levadas cativas nos barcos gregos.Cassandra a enlouquecida princesa de Tr ia, vidente e sacerdotisa de Apolo destinada a Agam mnon Policena, a filha mais nova dos reis de Tr ia, sacrificada junto ao t mulo de Aquiles Andr ma [...]

  • As a theater major, I ve spent an enormous chunk of my life reading and analyzing classical drama There was a time when I could have broken down for you in great detail the stylistic differences between the three great Greek dramatists Aeschylus, Sophocles Euripides and the great Greek comic playwright Aristophanes But since I no longer have to, I won t I will say that I never took to the other two like I did to Euripides He was the latest of the three, a product of an evolving social concept of [...]

  • A timely warning to the Athenian elite26 April 2013 I liked one of the short descriptions of this play a bunch of women wailing and moaning about the significant turn in their life While that statement may sum this play up, I do not actually think at it gets to the core of what Euripides is exploring, particularly since these women have found themselves on the losing side of a war, which is generally always a bad thing In the days of Ancient Greece, to be a woman on the losing side of a war pret [...]

  • Bello Mi ha addirittura fatto venire voglia di ri leggere l Iliade, cosa che non avevo mai contemplato di fare.

  • This is a review of the play itself, not this particular translation I read Roche s translation, which is good but as has been pointed out by absolutely everyone already includes made up stage directions that are somewhat distracting.Trojan Women is an anti war play, performed in 415 as Athens prepared to go to war with Sicily and in the wake of Athens brutal conquest of the island of Melos It takes place directly after the fall of Troy and stars the captured Trojan women, notably Priam s wife H [...]

  • It might be seen as a minor work of Euripides because its not much of story progress but i rated it highly Unlike other Greek classic authors he dares to treat war,the women on the losing side of it in a realistic way What happens to real humans of those days when the legendary battles,wars end, slavery or worse Aischylos,Sofocles,Homer for example makes war mostly to be about honor,heroism and other male values.

  • 3.5 stars I really liked this play The focus on the women left behind after their husbands were slaughtered and how they each coped with impending slavery or death was done well Its quite alarming how a play written 2.5 thousand years ago can still be relevant today in regards to the injustices women suffered and the cons of war.

  • Pese a ser una obra muy breve, hay varias cosas destacables El comienzo, con Poseid n y Atenea, me parece llamativo se ve de una forma bastante directa c mo los dioses juegan con los humanos como quien si fuese un juego de mesa No es la primera vez que lo veo, pero no deja de llamarme la atenci n esa forma que ten an los griegos de concebir a los dioses, se tomaban con bastante tranquilidad la idea de ser sus peones y de que pudiesen hacer con ellos lo que quisiesen.Me parece tambi n curiosa la [...]

  • Esto es una tragedia con todas las letras.Desde que vi la pel cula Troya tom partido por los troyanos, a n sabiendo desde el principio lo que pasaba, y despu s de leer esto me reafirmo y le he cogido m s man a a n a los griegos de esta historia.Como siempre, en las guerras quienes m s sufren son los m s d biles Aqu vemos como las mujeres, despu s de perderlo todo, tienen que seguir sufriendo convirti ndose en esclavas de los enemigos de los troyanos.Y Helenaen la pel cula no la pude odiar porque [...]

  • Despu s de haber le do Helena de Eur pides, donde el autor planteaba una situaci n alucinante, tal que Helena nunca llegar a a pisar suelo troyano, yendo a parar a territorio Egipcio, bajo la custodia de Proteo hasta que inopinadamente por all aparece Menelao, para rescatarla y huir juntos, en Las troyanas representada el 415 a C , se sigue la l nea cl sica, aquella en la que el rapto de Helena por Paris, supone la guerra de Troya La obra sucede cuando Troya ya ha sido vencida, cuando han vencid [...]

  • It is difficult to describe a play so rich in ideas and so deep in feeling What came through to me this time was lament, lamenting the lives of the beloved dead, lamenting the fall of your state, lamenting the life you once had, and lamenting the life now forced upon you I doubt that Euripides had feminist issues in mind when writing this work, but it is also interesting to read this with feminist ideas of power and powerlessness in my head Each new reading brings new ways of understanding this [...]

  • A nice complement to The Iliad, that delves deeper into the feelings and emotions of the characters of Hecuba, Andromache, Helen and Menelaus The reader gets a clear sense of the agony of the women who have lost their husbands, their home, their positons and their honour after the sacking of Troy A short but enjoyable read

  • Actual Rating 4.5 This was a required reading for one of my history classes but that didn t stop me from enjoying this brilliant piece of tragedy Trojan Women is such a melodramatic and masterfully written play I m not giving it higher though simply because I didn t feel an emotional attachment to the story I understand why it is such a brilliant and important piece of theater but that doesn t mean I have to fall in love with the piece I am glad I read it and I highly recommend it

  • The epic has finished, a tragic story A play of the Trojan women, who lost the war and who strive to not lose their honor with their full knowledge of what will happen to them.I think it s worth three stars I have a curiosity to know about what happened after

  • In times of sorrow it is a comfort to lament, To shed tears, and find music that will voice our grief.In The Women of Troy, not much happens in terms of action or plot Troy has fallen at the hands of the Greeks, and while the men have been killed, the women await their fate They will become slaves, this much they know it only remains to be seen with whom, and in what position, fate i.e the Greeks will place them Euripides wrote The Women of Troy in part to show his fellow citizens what they had [...]

  • I ve studied, reconstructed, and deconstructed The Women of Troy to death at school for my drama course It s one of the few reading materials at that time and place in my life that I actually liked I ve visualised the setting, took apart its themes, and imagined feeling the devastating emotions of the characters I also saw it on stage in London with my class, which helps me to understand it better The Women of Troy is not a happy play It is a Greek Tragedy to the core And I love it.We all know a [...]

  • Las Troyanas de Eur pides empieza cuando ya todo ha acabado, cuando la guerra de Troya se ha perdido y las mujeres de Troya esperan que se las repartan los griegos para servirlos como esclavas Me encanta que sean las mujeres las que hablen sobre el sufrimiento que repercute en ellas y en todo un pueblo por culpa de la guerra de los hombres Me encanta que las protagonistas sean mujeres fuertes, que se quieren vengar o que valientemente aceptan su destino con resignaci n o que eliminada ya toda es [...]

  • Its one thing to read about war and its aftermath in history books but something entirely different to witness it first hand.But voices like Euripides echoes through time and helps us get a glimpse into the tragedy of war and helps bring to life, with harrowing detail, its devastating effects.It s a classic Greek tragedy through and through and one that s sure to stick with me for a very long time.

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