[PDF] Pandemic | by ☆ Daniel Kalla - Pandemic, Pandemic Genesis of a PlagueRight now in a remote corner of rural China a farmer and his family are sharing their water supply with their livestock chickens ducks pigs sheep They share the same waste disp [PDF] Pandemic | by ☆ Daniel Kalla - Pandemic, Pandemic Genesis of a PlagueRight now in a remote corner of rural China a farmer and his family are sharing their water supply with their livestock chickens ducks pigs sheep They share the same waste disp

  • Title: Pandemic
  • Author: Daniel Kalla
  • ISBN: 9780765350848
  • Page: 448
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback

[PDF] Pandemic | by ☆ Daniel Kalla, Pandemic, Daniel Kalla, Pandemic Genesis of a PlagueRight now in a remote corner of rural China a farmer and his family are sharing their water supply with their livestock chickens ducks pigs sheep They share the same waste disposal system too Bird viruses meet their human counterparts in the bloodstreams of the swine where they mix and mutate before spreading back into the human population AndGenesis of a PlagueR [PDF] Pandemic | by ☆ Daniel Kalla - Pandemic, Pandemic Genesis of a PlagueRight now in a remote corner of rural China a farmer and his family are sharing their water supply with their livestock chickens ducks pigs sheep They share the same waste disp

  • [PDF] Pandemic | by ☆ Daniel Kalla
    448 Daniel Kalla

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  • Daniel Kalla

    Born, raised, and still residing in Vancouver, Kalla spends his days and sometimes nights working as an ER Physician in an urban teaching hospital.The idea for his first medical thriller, PANDEMIC, sprang from his clinical experience in facing the SARS crisis of 2003 He has written five science thrillers and or medical mysteries, delving into themes and topics as diverse as superbugs, drug addiction, prions, DNA evidence, pandemics and patient abuse.Kalla s last book, THE FAR SIDE OF THE SKY, is a historical novel set in Second World War Shanghai against the dramatic backdrop of converging cultures and ideologies His latest, RISING SUN, FALLING SHADOW continues the story of the Adler family through 1943, the bleakest year in war torn Shanghai His books have been translated into eleven languages, and two have been optioned for feature films.Daniel received his MD from the University of British Columbia He is married and the proud father of two girls in a home predominated by the XX chromosome even his beloved Labrador retriever, Lola, is female.

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  • This is a debut novel from this author And you can tell it s a debut novel The characters The lead character, Haldane, is mostly believable I could see him existing and functioning in the real world Gwen is not quite as believable She was of a plot device than a character She lacked personality I won t say she was entirely two dimensional, but she was close Most of the characters seemed to lack something They all had a two dimensional aspect that made it hard to care for them Think of it this w [...]

  • I was pretty impressed by this action packed novel There were a few annoying moments where the author repeated himself, making me think I was a dummy who needed to be reminded of important facts thus the 4 star rating It made me question every coughing human I can across in the real world including myself It had kind of the standard themes going on but it kept me glued to the book, staying up late to finish it off.

  • This novel is a compelling and over the edge thriller, Daniel Kalla has written a real page turner one hard to put down.The story opens in a remote corner of China where a new and deadly flu is spreading amongst the population of Gansu Province WHO immediately sends a team headed by Dr Noah Haldane to investigate They soon discover that this new virus is far deadlier than SARS and is being spread intentionally with devastating effectsWHO struggles to contain the outbreak but the virus has alread [...]

  • I did not find the story plausible on a couple important fronts 1 I could not buy that Gwen predicts the entry method exactly before it happened 2 I could not buy that Gwen would not call for help when she becomes infected She could easily call Noah or someone in WHO and say, Come get me, but do not send an ambulance from a local hospital We need to take extra care I did not find the Scottish doctor funny with his Scottish swearing expressions, and it seemed the author was striving for humor.Thi [...]

  • In defiance of the ebola scares I have been deliberately reading everything I own about plagues and aptly named pandemics For a first novel, I was highly impressed it was a little rough around the edges, but a thoroughly fun and enjoyable read The characters were a little flat, especially the women, and he spent so much time trying not to delve into stereotypes that they became stereotypes I will say that I wasn t impressed with the random addition of the view spoiler mutated strain hide spoiler [...]

  • As a first book, awesome, good job.I think the cover and the reviews make it out to be a wilder book than it is I personally found it very predictable.Another review on here mentioned how characters where unintentionally stereotyped and I very much agree with that Writing style is smooth and easy to read Only issue with the style is that it s almost too natural over discussed details, repeating conversations that some parts are mundane Would translate well as a screenplay because of this.

  • Pandemic by Daniel Kalla is a very complex book I would recommend this book to anyone who has free time This book talks about a disease that is spreading all over Europe, Asia and Africa This disease is similar to the flu but it doesn t go away and is extreame People should read this book because it is like a movie and it talks about the struggles of people This book can relate to the world because many people have heard about many people in Africa have AIDS, well this the same but it is far s [...]

  • The author might know a lot about virology, but so do I While the author sometimes managed to explain pretty complex aspects of virus strategy very well, he othertimes tried to fool the reader with what a virus expert might know and say I did not like that second part.Also, he can t write about people, dialogue or romance for a penny s worth It s really really bad.Hopefully he got better after this 2005 debut, but I m not sure I am prepared to find out after this debacle.

  • I really wanted to like this book It had a promising plot, interesting sounding characters, and a doctor as an author to assure accuracy But the book never really seemed to get started I kept waiting for the plot to get interesting, but it never really did It just didn t keep you interested, and since it took me MONTHS to finish it, not a good sign.

  • It is so sad when the best part of the book after 71 pages is the prolog I have put it down to boring, even my daughter said WOW, five pages of background history on a doctor that is not the main character

  • Super possible plot in the future of biowarfare that we may be facing some day down the line Kind of the stereotypical terrorist figures Also switches points of view frequently which is a plus to keep the story interesting A relatively quick read.

  • I found this book on my bookshelf a few months ago and had it placed in a box I keep for the books that I intend to give away Curiosity eventually won out in the end, and I decided to pick it up out of the box and read it Now, I remember really liking this book back in my high school days It was during the time where I thought it would be really cool to become a virologist Now that I am very nearly finished school for biotechnology and have learnt some things, I still think that virology is a re [...]

  • In Daniel Kalla s Pandemic, this thriller debut packs a bunch with a cross of a medical thriller and a military thriller combined in real life true topics in today s world Dr Noah Haldane was a doctor for the World Health Organization and travels the world, when there s a major epidemic health concern While he dealt with his wife s affair and confused sexuality, he also wanted to be there for his young daughter Chloe At the news of an outbreak in the Gansu province of China, he joins the other W [...]

  • This was a pretty good book medical thrill on par with something I could see happening today Quite scary really Sometimes it was a bit difficult to keep up with the cast of characters the medical terminology but I held my own stuck to the core cast However, trying to remember who they all worked for and in what capacity could be quite a chore It didn t help that I had a cold while reading this book Ok, so Haldane who works for WHO is one of the leading characters, his work takes him all over the [...]

  • I eventually gave up, a little than 3 4 of the way through Long drawn out conversations about technical things Too much about the personal lives of characters when it really does nothing but stop the story dead in its tracks every time the characters personal lives are mentioned Too much backstory for characters that just end up dying The story actually introduces, names and follows one character for only a few moments of read time before he dies.The story moves very slowly People talk about th [...]

  • Picked up by accident, a happy surprise of a book Crichton esque in its storytelling with a fast pace and nonstop action Tiny tiny font nearly did me in but otherwise a good one Take it on vacation Bring a surgical mask.

  • I quite enjoyed this Not great literature, by any means, but it kept up the tension, and I love this type of thriller A nice page turner.

  • Dr Kalla has written an exceptionally thoughtful first novel The historical background is correct, and the medical information is solid and well written for a lay audience to be able to understand Although this is not a novel to be immediately understood by someone totally without a science background, the fascinating concept of the book should keep a layperson interested enough in the beginning to lead them to greater and greater understanding of the science involved The concept of the book is [...]

  • I m going to start off by saying that Pandemic was not a terrible book It just wasn t as good as I was hoping I have to give Dr Kalla credit though, as this is his debut novel and all.Some things I liked The medical terminology I m not a med sci major quite the opposite , so I am unable to judge the accuracy of anything Although, knowing that the author is an M.D lessens this uncertainty Things I didn t like Sentence structure I don t know what it was about the way the author conveyed the story, [...]

  • Plot This story started in rural China where a farmer gets a very early disease that has never been seen before He lives in very unsanitary conditions, sharing the same water supply with their livestock quick causes the disease to spread from birds to the pigs and eventually to the humans This disease, called acute respiratory collapse syndrome, kills one of every for people it infects and spreads quickly even though the World Health Organization it making a great effort to control it People won [...]

  • Inside the back cover of my paperback copy of Pandemic is a small photograph of the author He s wearing scrubs and a stethoscope, and he looks so pleased and proud of himself to have finished and published his first novel that he appears giddy The picture made me smile, and I wish him every bit of the joy of authorship His novel was engrossing and fun My quibbles are that the plot is a bit unnecessarily complicated and the characters that lack a certain depth, but then again, what thriller doesn [...]

  • good story, like another reviewer said a little scary since I had a cold while reading it and certainly timely after reading the following on the web return A deadly strain of bird flu with the potential to infect and kill millions of people has been created in a laboratory by European scientistswho now want to publish full details of how they did it return return The discovery has prompted fears within the US Government that the knowledge will fall into the hands of terrorists wanting to use it [...]

  • AcknowledgementsPrologueChapter1 Georgetown University, Washington, DCThe sharp, red point zoomed around the screen, before settling on the spiky gray structure in the centre.Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome is a respiratory disease in humans which is caused by the SARS coronavirus SARS CoV There has been one near pandemic to date, between November 2002 and July 2003, with 8,096 known infected cases and 774 deaths a case fatality rate of 9.6% worldwide being listed in the World Health Organizat [...]

  • This was an exciting man made disaster story that suffered occasionally from too much detail.A flu based pandemic Sounds scary, and plausible The idea behind this had me excited to read it I typically love these types of books.Where did it fall flat There was just so much jargon and detail Did I care about all the intricate science No Did I care about all the details and minutiae of the government meetings and enemy history No The overabundance of information made me want to skip and skim Especi [...]

  • This was a fun read not a great read, but like a don t have to think much beach read It was pretty predictable, with a few minor twists It got three stars because I secretly like this kind of book I DO wish that physicians would stop trying to emulate Robin Cook He is not a writer to aspire to too formula oriented and again, predictable Instead, go for Michael Crichton Now there s a physician writer mentor A much beefy writer I will admit, though, that this is the first book of Dr Kalla s that [...]

  • This book is scary Not for being gory, supernatural or about any sort of monsters or creatures This book is scary for the sole reason that it could easily occur in our lifetime Our world is changing and there are some pretty evil people out there Our world has seen some pretty bad sickness but the fact that a virus can kill thousands and is manmade and spread on purpose, yikes This book will stay with me for a very long time, not to mention that flick of worry at every time one of my children co [...]

  • This novel provides a realistic story with lots of detail, although all that detail could also become a bit cumbersome if you like a fast paced thriller The medical and scientific aspects of the story are especially interesting The author does very good job of making each character a unique individual with his or her own story The subject is familiar to those who went through the SARS outbreak One warning as you can imagine, some passages were pretty shocking and gross for example, many referen [...]

  • Fairly basic story about bioterrorism I felt the book had a lot of irrelevant storylines, especially between Haldane and his wife daughter The only reason I would admit to them being required is if they got the flu as well Alas they didn t, so the considerable moaning about his wife having a love affair with the woman next door was even painful.There are books out there that cover this theme in a much better way I wouldn t say don t read it, as it s a very basic read and enjoyable enough, but t [...]

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