Free Download Unzipped - by Lois Greiman - Unzipped, Unzipped ANALYZE THIS Chrissy McMullen has made a career leap all the way from slinging drinks at Chicago s most notorious nightclub to dispensing psychotherapy from her sleek new practice in L A Even if she Free Download Unzipped - by Lois Greiman - Unzipped, Unzipped ANALYZE THIS Chrissy McMullen has made a career leap all the way from slinging drinks at Chicago s most notorious nightclub to dispensing psychotherapy from her sleek new practice in L A Even if she

  • Title: Unzipped
  • Author: Lois Greiman
  • ISBN: 9780440335559
  • Page: 195
  • Format: ebook

Free Download Unzipped - by Lois Greiman, Unzipped, Lois Greiman, Unzipped ANALYZE THIS Chrissy McMullen has made a career leap all the way from slinging drinks at Chicago s most notorious nightclub to dispensing psychotherapy from her sleek new practice in L A Even if she can t quite shed her too loud too curvy alter ego or the brawling family that insists on claiming kinship So when her most famous client buff football star Bomber BomstANALYZE THIS Chrissy Free Download Unzipped - by Lois Greiman - Unzipped, Unzipped ANALYZE THIS Chrissy McMullen has made a career leap all the way from slinging drinks at Chicago s most notorious nightclub to dispensing psychotherapy from her sleek new practice in L A Even if she

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  • Free Download Unzipped - by Lois Greiman
    195 Lois Greiman

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    Born on a North Dakota cattle ranch, Lois Greiman graduated from a high school class of sixty students before moving to Minnesota where she professionally trained and showed Arabian Horses for several years Since that time she s been a high fashion model, a fitness instructor, and a veterinary assistant But an incurable case of writing fever put a stop to all those occupations.Since selling her first book to Avon in 1992, she has sold twelve other historical romance novels, most of which are set in medieval Scotland and involve her very popular Forbes clan In an attempt to pursue her love of humor, Ms Greiman has also recently sold three romantic comedies to Harlequin Enterprises.While caring for three children, fifteen horses, and a menagerie of pets on her small farm in Minnesota, Ms Greiman writes full time, producing two or three novels a year and garnering much praise from readers and reviewers alike Affaire de Coeur called HIGHLAND WOLF magnificent Romantic Times proclaimed LADY AND THE KNIGHT pure magic Christina Dodd proclaims Lois Greiman delivers.The Fraser Bride offers delightful characters, breathless adventure Her Highland novels have received Affaire de Couer s Critic s Choice Award, Romantic Times K.I.S.S Award, and been nominated for Romance Writer s of America s prestigious Rita Her titles have appeared on Barnes and Nobles Best Selling Romance list and won her the Midwest Fiction Writer s Rising Star Award.

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  • DNF at a bit over 25%Okay That s it I can t take any of this.I understand this is supposed to be a humorous, light hearted mystery But for that, you need to have endearing characters and dialogue and situations that actually are funny Instead, we have unlikeable, unprofessional, and downright stupid characters The repeated use of offensive stereotypes and cliches was lame than infuriating, but it was but one of many annoyances The last straw was when Chrissie stole the Porsche from the oversex [...]

  • There comes a time when you just need to put your analytical and critical mind aside and just enjoy a silly book.While reading the first few chapters the Good Reads reviewer in me was screaming out profanities and insults at the ridiculousness of the book Silly, one dimensional characters, constant mentions of boobs around 70 times to be exact , a far fetched murder mystery, etc However, it finally dawned on me that I was actually reading a silly book It s SUPPOSED to be silly It s not pretendin [...]

  • Dollycas s ThoughtsWhen I started reading this book I immediately thought of Janet Evanovich s Stephanie Plum She and Chrissy both have the worst luck Imagine being a psychologist treating a football hunk for a certain dysfunction and have him say he is cured and gives you very private visual evidence as he chases you around the office Yup, that happened to Chrissy, and then the guy keels over dead at her feet A quick 911 call should bring help but instead brings Detective Jack Rivera, also a hu [...]

  • If you are looking for light hearted entertainment, similar to the Stephanie Plum books, this is the book for you I really enjoyed the voice of the heroine Chrissy, a cocktail waitress turned psychologist who gets accused of murder when one of her clients drops dead in her office with his pants unzipped Chrissy is funny, sassy and at times sarcastic There aren t that many characters, the book focuses mainly on Chrissy, Rivera the cop investigating the murder, her best friend Elaine, computer gee [...]

  • OMG what a fun book Chrissy s one liners were priceless And I loved the fact that she kept messing up Rivera s name which really pissed him off though he did his best not to show it I just loved Rivera what a hoot I will definitely continue this series as I have to know how they get on once they are a couple.The storyline is enjoyable and the mystery flows nicely though it is surprising well sort of anyway that Chrissy is interested in clearing her own name than finding out who actually murdere [...]

  • Loved this book enou to go out and immediately order all the rest in the series Comparisons to Syephanie Plum are misplaced in my opinion The main character is witty and funny, but there was none of the slapstick you find in the Plum novels Indeed there are a few very serious scenes throughout the book that make it hard to fit this book into a cozy category Definitely a great find.

  • 4.5 stars It s a mystery thriller, but it was funny I love Ms Greiman s sense of humor and will definitely continue with the series.

  • Reviewed by Whitney Shooting Stars ReviewsChrissy is a shrink who is attacked one night in her office, and the man drops dead at her feet Things start to get complicated for Chrissy when the detective Jack Rivera decides that she may be the only suspect But these two have chemistry, and when Chrissy decides to investigate the matter herself this turns from bad to worse in ten seconds flat This book was okay I didn t like how Jack called his ex wife his wife, and I also didn t like how I felt the [...]

  • Unzipped starts off a bit too slow but eventually picks up after a few chapters The storyline and plot is too dull and lacking The characters are two dimensional Their personalities aren t believable and a bit dry The mystery A client of psychologist Christina McMullen drops dead in her office during a session She tries to clear her name as she believes she s the suspected murderer Enter Lieutenant Jack Rivera He s in charge of the case and clearly tries to get Christina to confess But she won t [...]

  • Written at the first person, with limited characterization either from the narrator or from the persons she knew or just metThe investigation took place over a matter of weeks days, and frankly never did the narrator show any real psychological analysis capacity, nor PhD brain for that matter The way she found clues and jumped on them was by pure chance all the time Entertaining, distracting, very light read, that could occasionally be funny, though way less for me as it was probably intendedThe [...]

  • I don t mind silly books every once in a while, but not only is this silly, but it s boring The characters are annoying and the main character s constant smart alecky internal banter cute at first got old after about 6 pages.

  • This was a fairly entertaining book featuring a psychologist, her clients, and an interested policeman The author has another one called Unplugged I may look for it.

  • Who would have thought turning a girl who was slinging drinks into a psychologist would make such an entertaining read Chrissie decided to change the course of her life, no longer wanting to serve drinks she went to school to become a psychologist and along the way realizes her clients are not always telling the truth What happens when one of her clients ex football player for the Lions decides to try and change their professional relationship into personal Hilarity and mystery ensues The probl [...]

  • I am is Stephanie Plum fan, and I loved this book It had a lot of things in it that were similar to the Stephanie Plum series I think if anyone who is the Stephanie Plum fan, should read the series

  • 3.5 stars I picked it up under the mistaken impression that it was a cozy, but it doesn t quite fit under the category There s a lot blatant sexual tension and almost action between Chrissy and Rivera, for one thing But I enjoyed it all the same Unzipped is hilarious and a great way to while away a few hours As for the comparisons to Stephanie Plum, I found little resemblance to the Plum books other than a slight similarity in general tone and style It s far from a rip off, and I for one breath [...]

  • Ebook 4.5 Stars Audiobook 5 STARS I thoroughly enjoyed this cozy mystery rom com After a shock of a beginning, I was completely invested in seeing where this story would go Chrissy s voice, inner musings and antics had me smiling and laughing often The enemies love interest was the perfect pull to keep me invested in the romantic outcome Although, I wasn t surprised by the mystery reveal, I also wasn t entirely sure and the red herrings kept me guessing I m new to these types of mysteries with o [...]

  • This honestly has been a really crapy couple of reading months for me I have not been able to finish a novels at all And it s really irking me This novel started out interesting, there s chemistry between Chrissy and Jack and that s well written, but Chrissy s obsession with the death of Andrew the Bomb, and the circumstances surrounding his death, not really interesting It started out funny, there s no denying that, and as far as I ve gotten still funny, but the plot surrounding the Bomb is jus [...]

  • I really enjoyed this book, Chrissy McMullen is comfortable in her own skin and even though she s a certified psychologist, readily admits to being not that great of an authority when it comes to personal relationships with members of the opposite sex for instance, her former BF Eddie Friar.Chrissy reluctantly becomes involved in trying to solve the murder of one her patients, since she was accused of his murder I ve read reviews of this book and have seen that some have compared Chrissy to Step [...]

  • I had to give this book one star because I am almost embarrassed to say I read it all the way to the end I did want to know who set the series of murders in motion But, unfortunately, like the rest of the book the resolution was frothy at best I found two things in this novel that really bothered me First, the psychologist central character doesn t name the attack she suffered as attempted rape until the middle of the book I suppose this oversight could be explained by the fact that she was daze [...]

  • This book came highly recommended by someone who s book taste and mine share a lot in common So I didn t hesitate to pick it up Well, actually I forgot about it the first time but I bought it the second time I will agree it is amusing in parts, but I didn t find it laugh out loud funny And, by the third attempted rape and various other close calls I was no longer amused This is the first book in a mystery series, but honestly everything the characters did seem to be convoluted While it might hav [...]

  • In Lois Greiman s cozy debut, Unzipped, we were introduced to Christina Chrissy McMullen in Chicago A former cocktail waitress turned shrink, who were literally caught into a compromised position Former Detroit Lions lineman Andrea Bomber Bomstad came into her office for a therapy session, he propositioned her by trying to rape her and literally dropped dead minutes later From there, the CPD have been hounding her and claiming she was a suspect in his murder For Chrissy, one annoying Detective J [...]

  • This is another book with pretty good reviews but is not one that I enjoyed In fact, it drove me nuts with the constant goofy similes The main character, Chrissy McMullen, is another Stephanie Plum rip off However, it took me seven or eight books to tire of Stephanie instead of only seven or eight pages as was the case for Chrissy The interaction between Chrissy and Lieutenant Rivera is unbelievable to the point of being bizarre The murderer is easy to figure out because there aren t really any [...]

  • 3.5 stars Christina s investigative style is bumbling, even for this genre She has a terrible time explaining her innocence and dodging questions, and her attempts to solve the mystery and restore her reputation is haphazard But it improves as the book goes along, and by the end I was liking her a lot better I m halfway through book 2 now, and liking her even One thing I m not a fan of is neverending sexual tension Tension, yes, but holy cow let s resolve it at some point They can always fight [...]

  • Steamy murder mystery, almost the opposite leading lady of the Blackbird Sisters series I have been reading My glasses were fogged in the first 10 pages and it only ramped up after that Not to say that this classifies as erotica but there is enough sexual tension to hold this book open on a table After getting past that, the story is actually pretty well done The mystery is allusive and winding and the ending hits you like an episode of Scooby Doo you might have figured it out already but the ex [...]

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