The Emerald Talisman

The Emerald Talisman Best Read || [Brenda Pandos] - The Emerald Talisman, The Emerald Talisman To be normal sixteen year old Julia Parker would shed her empathic gift in a second Life has been difficult since her mother s mysterious disappearance ten years earlier an event she witnessed but c The Emerald Talisman Best Read || [Brenda Pandos] - The Emerald Talisman, The Emerald Talisman To be normal sixteen year old Julia Parker would shed her empathic gift in a second Life has been difficult since her mother s mysterious disappearance ten years earlier an event she witnessed but c

  • Title: The Emerald Talisman
  • Author: Brenda Pandos
  • ISBN: 9780578053394
  • Page: 123
  • Format: Paperback
The Emerald Talisman

The Emerald Talisman Best Read || [Brenda Pandos], The Emerald Talisman, Brenda Pandos, The Emerald Talisman To be normal sixteen year old Julia Parker would shed her empathic gift in a second Life has been difficult since her mother s mysterious disappearance ten years earlier an event she witnessed but can t remember Julia s situation becomes complicated after a near death experience from a blood thirsty stalker As high school students go missing it is clear there iTo be normal The Emerald Talisman Best Read || [Brenda Pandos] - The Emerald Talisman, The Emerald Talisman To be normal sixteen year old Julia Parker would shed her empathic gift in a second Life has been difficult since her mother s mysterious disappearance ten years earlier an event she witnessed but c

  • The Emerald Talisman Best Read || [Brenda Pandos]
    123 Brenda Pandos
The Emerald Talisman

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    Author Brenda Pandos lives in California with her husband and two energetic boys After her release of EVERMORE late 2015, she suffered from a stroke While she s had a miraculous recovery, the part of her brain she d used to write fiction with hasn t returned yet At 18 months post stroke, she s decided to start working on her memoir to tell her story It s very tiring for her and slow going, but she s determined to finish this project.She d love to hear your encouragement and well wishes Feel free to email brendapandos gmail or write on her facebook wallendapandosFacebook brendapandosInstagram brendapandos

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  • Ok, I m going to keep this simple because I don t think this book real deserves any sort of review whether it s good or bad yup it was that bad But i feel as a consumer who was hoping for a new different kick ass fantasy book, with awesome suspense and action, i was thoroughly taken for a ride The girl only just met the guy for 30 SECONDS and she spent frickin weeks moping over him How is that a good role model for teen girls of today hey girls, go into the woods at night and wait for a tall dar [...]

  • First of all, while I may catch some harsh feedback from this first comment, I have to say that The Emerald Talisman is nothing like Twilight If you like vampire stories, then yes, you will like this book Julia Parker is not an average teenager She has the ability to read people s emotions After losing her mother and being raised by a father who is almost never there, she happens to be a well rounded, responsible girl She works, she has friends, she has a social life and when the going gets toug [...]

  • Terrible It s trailing on the end of the vampire trend and introduces nothing new The story is stale and uninteresting, superficial and slow Basically, the author took the characters from Twilight plain chick vampirey stalker guy who saves her life and stuck them in a generic vampire hunter romance All of this is not helped by the mediocre writing, where the author uses childish dialogue such as You re mine now and I m gonna do whatever I want with you, and he can t do anything about it he cackl [...]

  • Likeable Heroine Battles Vampires I ve chatted with friendly author Brenda Pandos online and I ve wanted to read her Talisman series for quite some time When I won The Sapphire Talisman on a giveaway, it was my cue to bump up the series on my to be read list The Emerald Talisman is the first book, featuring Julia, a sixteen year old blonde living in northern California Her life is rather normal except for the unexplained death of her mother when Julia was young Julia reportedly witnessed the eve [...]

  • The Emerald Talisman had been on my to read list for a couple of years now It s a long list of hundreds of books I want to read but never find the time Thankfully Brenda recently released the book as an audio and I was able to sign up for the blog tour.I m a huge audio book fan I listen to them often and usually the audio books I listen to are ones that have been on my to read list for too long and end up being books I really enjoy The Emerald Talisman was no exception I m grateful I finally got [...]

  • My General Rating 3.5 ____________________________________If sometime you literally asked yourself how would be the life of a possible vampire hunter who has no idea this beings exist and the help of one of them to train her, The Emerald Talisman main character could be a good example The Emerald Talisman narrates the story of Julia, a simple girl with a singular talent Julia s life goes out normally until one night when she is attacked by X creature and handsome Nicholas saves her life This is [...]

  • Rating somewhere between 3 4 depending on my mood.Quickie review Ummm what to say I seem to be struggling with my reviews this week Emerald Talisman was a good start to a promising new series It has an interesting plot and premise I thought the action scenes were the most engaging part of the book The had a great pace and description I did have some struggles with this book it took me a while to get use to the writing style and connect with it I think for me it missed witty characters and I need [...]

  • Rating 4.5The Emerald Talisman was an enchanting, stimulating, and eloquently written book Brenda introduced a promising vampire series that would interest fans of Twilight and The Vampire Diaries Julia, the female protagonist was quirky yet endearing Her ability to feel emotions from others curiously drew my attention The story opened up with Julia s car breaking down Now, instead of taking the safe walk to her home, she decides to naively take a short cut through the woods The suspense and fea [...]

  • If you like Twilight, The Vampire Diaries, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer then you will like this book This is a fast pace, gripping, need to hurry and turn to the next page to find out what happened kind of book Brenda gave us a fresh, new, and exciting world about a vampire hunter and vampires.Julia can sense and feel emotions from people around her Her friends and family doesn t know she has this ability and wants to keep it that way Nicholas is a half vampire half human with super natural abil [...]

  • Reviewed Girls Without a Bookshelf.Saying this book tested my patience does not even begin to cover it it truly exhausted every ounce of whatever patience there was in me While I admit I was intrigued about its premise at first, and was thoroughly excited at having the book in my hands, eventually I had to get rid of it or risk insanity.For the record, I actually did not finish the book So whether or not you d take my review as accurate, I ll leave it for you to decide However, note that I did t [...]

  • January 2012 Did a quick re read to refresh my memory before starting the last book Enjoyed it, but was a little turned off by Julia s quick obsession with Nicholas Otherwise a fun read September 2011 I guess I enjoyed this one I m still wavering between my rating I really wanted to like it, and for the most part I did I guess the one thing that bothered me most was the relationship between Julia and Nicholas It just wasn t that believable for me I just can t believe Julie would be so into a guy [...]

  • The Emerald Talisman is a wonderful take on Vampires, and anyone who knows me, knows I can t get enough of this paranorm.This was a fast paced book that will grip you, a captivating world filled with suspenseful mystery and a sweet romance Julia s irrational feeling towards Nicholas was something she couldn t help, from the minute he saved her life she felt an overwhelming connection that made her feel safe and alive I remember what it was like to be sixteen and have those crazy feeling about so [...]

  • I got this free from several years ago I recently found it on my to read list and thought I d give it a try I do believe it is still free Julia, is a high school student in the Los Angeles area She lives with her older brother and father Julia s mother disappeared many years ago There is a lot of mystery that surrounds her disappearance but it s a taboo subject, so no one in the family talks about it.After her car breaks down, she decides to travel through the woods to get home, rather than go t [...]

  • This is a hard book to rate I have probably changed it a dozen times in the time it s taken me to type these two sentences As far as potential, this book has it in spades It s reasonably unique, I guess, for what it is, but there are parts of it that just don t make sense and other things that just make it really hard to get through.First off, the grammar Dear God, I wanted to take a red pen to this and unfortunately I m enough of a snob for this to to really detract from my enjoyment of the boo [...]

  • The Emerald Talisman starts out with a bang and never slows down Julia was a fascinating character who immediately runs into trouble when something dangerous comes after her in the woods To make things interesting Julia has a gift of sensing emotions The first thing she notices is the overwhelming hunger coming from her predator This seems odd to Julia because she typically doesn t sense emotions from animals so that only means one thing it s human Out of nowhere Nicholas comes to save the day [...]

  • I m sorry I tried I tried sooo hard because this book had a lot of good reviews i got halfway through this book and then i couldn t any I mean the main character, Julia STOP CRYIN ALREADY SHEESH she s so whiny, and clingy even though she always meets the love interest for about 1 hour at most Any one who is able to feel others emotions should be ready to deal with any situation or at least that s how I feel I couldn t really connect with her even though we are the same age I kept rolling my eye [...]

  • 4.5 starsThe Quick and the Dirtya refreshing new take on vampires and vampire slayers.Why I was tempted to read thisWell the blurb reeled me in, always looking for a new vampire book Cover thoughts s pretty cool, not exactly how I imagined the necklace in my mind tho.Romance MeterWell of course Julia and Nicholas hit is off right from the beginning and the romance started bubbling.Character and PlotJulia has a talent, she is an empath meaning she can feel others emotions When a risky walk home a [...]

  • I really couldn t decide what to rate The Emerald Talisman 2.5 stars I guess I kept going back and forth between it s ok and I kind of like it It reminded me a bit of Twilight think gorgeous guy saves helpless girl multiple times despite her stupidity, stalks her and drives really fast , the TV series Moonlight think immortal guy saves child from vampire and secretly watches her grow up and then falls in love with her , with a bit of Blade think half vampire day walker who hunts evil vampires th [...]

  • This was one of those awesome books that grabbed my attention from the very beginning Julia, the main character, can sense emotions, so when she finds herself alone in a forest at night and suddenly senses savage blood lust, you can imagine the stone cold fear that consumes her When some major life or death choices were thrown in Julia s path, I found myself having a hard time deciding which I would choose The realistic way in which Brenda handled that choice is commendable Rarely do authors all [...]

  • Interesting plot and premise The pace and storyline is captivating Writing style was exceptional, especially with her wording Characters are relatable and realistic I wouldn t give it an A on originality It did have a Buffy Meet Twilight feel to it HOWEVER, that is not a bad thing in my opinion The twists Ms Pandos throws in make it unique A promising start to a series I can not wait to read the next book Check out the Book Giveaway, Swag Giveaway, Author Interview, Book Review werevampsromance

  • This book was a great book for anyone in love with vampires There s a lot of action, and that s what I liked most Though fast paced, it s also a leisure story The beginning alone is captivating, from there it s all uphill Great for a Sunday afternoon spent reading Just don t read it too late at night

  • Brenda has written a good start to what looks to be a fun series It kept me in suspense until the end and I m looking forward to reading the next one.

  • With book one of the Talisman Series, Pandos introduces a cast in which while some characters may seem rather everyday , there are those who bring a new slant to the YA Paranormal genre.Julia Parker is regular teenage girl with the same regular teenage trials and tribulations of her peers Or, at least that s what she wants the rest of the world to believe Julia is an Empath Ever since the day her mother disappeared and she was mysteriously returned to the doorstep of her family home, Julia has b [...]

  • Book Opening What kind of secret superpower would you want Julia Startled out of my usual daydream I shifted my focus to Katie s chestnut colored eyes, concerned about her choice of subject Why I asked, trying to sound natural The Emerald Talisman Volume 1 Notable Scene A crack of a tree limb and falling foliage forced me to open my eyes A tree fell right above my head, frightened birds flew out of the leaves and a cackle of laughter echoed across the ravine extreme happiness mingled with the lo [...]

  • My Thoughts I really enjoyed reading this book Brenda Pandos did a wonderful job creating a fresh and exciting new vampire world I loved the characters in this story good and evil and the suspense had me turning pages way too late for a few nights I found Julia the main character very interesting She was an empath, meaning that she could sense and feel the emotions of those around her Her gift definitely came in handy on than one occasion in the book, but remained a secret to everyone Her famil [...]

  • This was one of the first freebies I picked up for my Kindle a couple of years ago I have so many freebies I got and have never got round to reading them, so I now have a policy if I can make it past the first 10 15% its a keeper Review will contain some ranty spoilers.The first 10 15% wasn t actually that bad The main character was as dull as dry toast but the writing was okay, no obvious glaring typos or anything Then after that it rapidly went down hill It had the biggest YA cliche of all a m [...]

  • Where do I begin I m now adding this book to my all time favorites I simply loved it, read it in less then a day Why do I adore it so much I don t know I think Twilight might have met it s match I m surprised there s not publicity about this book I can definitely see this book being quickly optioned for film rights Not one part of the story did I find uninteresting It was fast paced and the writing was beautifully done It was clear, easy imagery with well brought out emotions Also guess what, t [...]

  • Usually I am a sucker for these kinds of books Girl meets boy, boy saves girls life, boy reveals he s supernatural, evil forces keeping them apart etc etc I read the Twilight Saga and I am not ashamed to admit that I enjoyed it So when I downloaded the Emerald Talisman, I didnt have some wild expectations, but I anticipated a quick enjoyable read Instead what I got was annoying, whiny characters, a flat romance, and an incredibly shallow main character Julia is a teenager living in California hi [...]

  • The Emerald Talisman was definitely a great read, but I couldn t help but to feel a bit disappointed by the end I do have to say that Brenda Pandos s writing is great and just got better as the book came to a close.The story starts off with suspense and it never ends Julia is attacked by a vampire, obviously an evil one, and she s utterly confused as to how someone was able to save her I actually really loved Julia, she was sweet and knew how to get herself into some bad situations, but just as [...]

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