The Crossbones

✓ The Crossbones ☆ Patrick Carman - The Crossbones, The Crossbones Strange things happen in Skeleton Creek and when they do Ryan writes them down and Sarah captures them on video Now the spookiness is spreading and the mystery is going to take them far beyond Skel ✓ The Crossbones ☆ Patrick Carman - The Crossbones, The Crossbones Strange things happen in Skeleton Creek and when they do Ryan writes them down and Sarah captures them on video Now the spookiness is spreading and the mystery is going to take them far beyond Skel

  • Title: The Crossbones
  • Author: Patrick Carman
  • ISBN: 9780545249942
  • Page: 385
  • Format: Hardcover
The Crossbones

✓ The Crossbones ☆ Patrick Carman, The Crossbones, Patrick Carman, The Crossbones Strange things happen in Skeleton Creek and when they do Ryan writes them down and Sarah captures them on video Now the spookiness is spreading and the mystery is going to take them far beyond Skeleton Creek into places both unexpectedly sinister and spine chillingly haunted ✓ The Crossbones ☆ Patrick Carman - The Crossbones, The Crossbones Strange things happen in Skeleton Creek and when they do Ryan writes them down and Sarah captures them on video Now the spookiness is spreading and the mystery is going to take them far beyond Skel

  • ✓ The Crossbones ☆ Patrick Carman
    385 Patrick Carman
The Crossbones

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  • Patrick Carman

    I have been a lifelong writer and storyteller Salem, Oregon is where I spent my formative years and I graduated from Willamette University After college, I spent a decade living in Portland, Oregon where I worked in advertising, game design, and technology.I ve written young adult and children s books for , Little Brown Books For Young Readers and Katherine Tegen Books HarperCollins Publishers.I ve been fortunate enough to have had some bestselling series work The Land of Elyon, Atherton, Elliot s Park, 39 Clues, and Skeleton Creek Here s a fun notee books have been translated into approximately two dozen languages Currently I m developing a few new media projects Check out DARK EDEN to experience this type of cross platform project.When I m not writing or creating a story, I spend my free time supporting literacy campaigns and community organizations, fly fishing, playing basketball and tennis, doing crosswords, watching movies, dabbling in video games, reading lots , and than anything else spending time with my wife and two daughters.

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  • Patrick Carman is a genius for discovering a new way for kids to be hooked into reading That being said, of the Skeleton Creek series, this is so far the weakest offering.Plot wise, there s very little development done from Ryan s perspective It s kind of shocking that the author of an adventure and mystery story decided to write from the perspective of someone who s not adventuring or exploring a mystery So, until Sarah s video updates, the reader is just as oblivious as Ryan isd it s frustrati [...]

  • Spoiler Alert Do you like scary stories If you do then this is a series you would enjoy Skeleton Creek The Crossbones 3 is a horror and adventure book that is very strange I really enjoyed reading this because I read it at night so it got to me I had chills and as I read I became interested The main thing I liked about this book was that there is a website that you can go on and it gives you a different password each time to show you a video of what happened in the part of the book This is basi [...]

  • My Book ReveiwThe Crossbones, by Patrick Carman, is a mysttery book about a teenage kid named Ryan, who recently discoverd millions in gold along with is best friend Sarah In the previous book, the fake ghost of old joe bush dropped an envelope containing a puzzle As Sarah drives to film camp she makes stops at the places indicated by the puzzles and finds hidden information about The mysterious secret society called the crossbones The main Character Ryan is jumpy, and kind of wimpy, but he does [...]

  • In my review of Ghost in the Machine, I rejoiced in the fact that the Skeleton Creek series was resolved and happily finished I loved those books, don t get me wrong, but I hate reaching the end of a novel to find a cliffhanger, especially when a sequel is not yet published So imagine my surprise to find a third book in this seemingly finished series Every loose end was neatly tied up, so how could there be another book If one could ignore the obvious back stepping and stumbling around that the [...]

  • Oh my god, I started reading this in the beginning of the school year but than I stopped like at the 40 page to give it to my friend I got it back Friday and I ve already finished with it When I first starting reading it I remember feeling that it was boring And it was, just in the beginning though I think that s why I stopped so early But I should have made myself keep reading farther before stopping The book itself is basically a documentary of Ryan s life in Skeleton Creek, while his best fri [...]

  • I have major issues with how Patrick Carman has broken up the story line, honestly it would have made sense to put the first two books into one volume in two parts The same concept can be applied here I feel like the ending was neither much of a cliffhanger nor much of an ending There were too many loose ends and not enough suspense, which even the first book, Skeleton Creek, succeeded in.When you come to the end of a novel knowing that there is going to be a sequel but not anticipating it, the [...]

  • The Skeleton Creek series has a gimmick the story is told partly in the actual books and partly as a series of web videos The first two, which I read when they were first released, were pretty good for teen horror lite, and seemed complete Obviously, they must have been pretty successful, because now there are two that continue with a series that seemed over.Now the story has moved beyond the town of Skeleton Creek Sarah, the adventurous half of our slightly less than dynamic duo, is following [...]

  • With the help of Sarah, Ryan figures out who the crossbones are, but not without difficulty The clues that are left send the two teenagers on a wild scavenger hunt to get answers as to exactly who the Crossbones are Ryan discovers a deep dark secret that he could never believe As with the other Skeleton Creek books, Ryan continues writing in his journal and Sarah keeps uploading videos of the trip she is on.

  • I m pretty sure this book was shorter than the last two I flew through it , read it in a car ride back home I actually liked it better then the first two the pacing seemed better.I am 80% sure I read part, if not all, of this book before as it seemed very familiar at certain parts but, it still suprised surprised this word looks wrong me at parts, especially the ending I LOVED IT gonna start the next one as soon as I can

  • Not as good as the other two Sarah and Ryan are able to make some pretty amazing deductions based on very little frustrating sometimes Also too unrealistic no parents would let their 17 year old DAUGHTER drive all the way across the USA by herself It didn t make any sense to have Sarah leave Skeleton Creek.

  • Kong YangOctober 13, 2016PAP English 101 Author s Background The author of Skeleton Creek The Crossbones is Patrick Carman Patrick Carman is the award winning author of many books for young adults and children Since Patrick Carman writes young adult books, this probably influenced him to write the Skeleton Creek series, which is a series directed towards the young adult category.2 Literary Time Period The novel Skeleton Creek The Crossbones was published in 2010 This novel can relate to movies [...]

  • To me, this feels like the first two Skeleton Creek books did really well, and someone decided that it needed to be extended The story wrapped up nicely in book 2, so what is going on in book 3 that requires Ryan and Sarah to continue putting themselves in danger Also, you re going to need book 4 again, because even though this one ends satisfactorily than book 1, it still has a cliffhanger edge to it.My students had strong reactions to this book, so I ll let them speak for themselves I love ho [...]

  • I would give the book a 3 1 2 just for the twist of an ending, which I certainly appreciated I like the air of mystery created with the videos They didn t rely on jump scares, but on the sense of dread and the fear of being caught I thought the videos really captures those elements quite well My biggest issue with this book series is the main character s dialogue The author really should try talking to actual teenagers in order to understand how they speak to one another or how they think or wr [...]

  • The Crossbones by Patrick Carman is the captivating novel about the continuation of books Skeleton Creek and Ghost in the Machine Ryan and Sarah don t feel safe with Sarah now living in Boston and Ryan still at Skeleton Creek they seem to be drifting apart If only there was something to bring them back together Fortunately for them Or should I say unfortunately for them there was something the envelope Patrick Carman is a genius for incorporating videos into his books Every few chapters there s [...]

  • This book was something that could give you a chill up your spine This is a book that was fantastic and I give it a big thumbs up I loved this book and I m sure most people will love it to because this is a book that I can t define in real words I loved this book mostly because of the mystery and all of the big cliffhanger You might say that you hate cliffhangers, but you really love them This is a book that I rate for mostly sixth graders So what I is that people should read the series because [...]

  • Skeleton Creek, book 3.Ryan and Sarah have discovered another Crossbones mystery, this one involving haunted places around the United States Conveniently, Sarah is able to arrange a road trip to visit all but one and Ryan is left at home, biting his nails, until he gets his own taste of adventure The story is tied up fairly neatly at the end, but leaves a hint to adventures still to come I can see middle grade readers enjoying this series.

  • I don t really like this book because it feels really slow and I don t really like mystery books I recommend this book for anyone who likes mysteries because they try to find a mystery If you liked the first book or the second book you will like this book because it has a lot to do with the first and second book Someone or something is following them Read to find out.

  • Strange things are happening in Skeleton Creek and Ryan and Sarah are trying to get to the bottom of it After a weird accident leaves Ryan housebound and forbidden to see Sarah, their investigation takes two tracks Ryan records everything in his journal, while Sarah uses her videocam to search things out then emails the clips for Ryan to see Even though Ryan and Sarah are not together they still try to find answers to the many questions they still have now Sarah is in school to make professiona [...]

  • I like the book even though i read the third one i will try to read the first two then the other when i have time This book is very good.

  • This was really cool I m a sucker for Gravity Falls style small town mysteries and secret societies and ghosts It s fascinating.

  • This book was very good I got very interested in it very fast.The videos are great.I got very creeped out on one of the videos i had watched the most scariest one i have watched is where old joe bush had came into the basement and starteld sarah and she was frightend and old joe bush wanted sarah to find something and she couldnt find that certain thing so he told her he was never going to leave until she found what he wanted her to look for.Ryan is still not aloud to see sarah but he does anywa [...]

  • It was really interesting I liked that Ryan got to experience what Sarah got to experience while she was on the road, but I didn t like how in the videos the Ghost of old Joe Bush always popped up I definitely recommended this book and encourage others to read other books in the series as well.

  • Tras haber le do los libros anteriores de la saga, las expectativas que ten a puestas en este libro estaban demasiado altas, y tengo que admitir que me ha gustado much simo m s que los anteriores ni punto de comparaci n Tras descubrir que misterio rondaba a la daga y al fantasma de Joe Bush, y tras haber encontrado gran cantidad de oro en las tablas de la draga, Sarah se marcha y mantiene el contacto con Ryan por e mails Vuelven a investigar juntos pero ahora desde la distancia despu s de que Ry [...]

  • My ThoughtsFor anyone who follows my blog and my book reviews you know that I love Patrick Carman I have nothing but positive things to say about his previous works Here are some previous reviews.Skeleton Creek Ghost in the MachineTrackersThirteen Days to MidnightAfter finally getting hold of a copy of Skeleton Creek 4 The Raven I had to refresh my knowledge of this series It has been some time since I read books 1 and 2 During that time I realized I never read book 3 I have no idea why I waited [...]

  • Earl Reiner CapiliCondon 9 29 11Skeleton Creek The Crossbones book 3 by Patrick CarmenDo you like to read a mystery horror book with scary short videos If so,The crossbones by Patrick Carmen is a great book you ll want to avoid.It s a story about two best friends trying to solve a puzzle to find out about the old dredge.Skeleton creek Cross bones is the third book in the series of the Skeleton Creek Skeleton Creek The Crossbones is a story about two best friends trying to solve a puzzle with a g [...]

  • My son started me on the Skeleton Creek series, and for young horror, it started off well I like the way the series combines the book with the online video aspect, which ties perfectly into the flow of the story It s very Scooby Doo This book, however, I was not as much of a fan of It s starting to feel like the Dan Brown novels, and forced as it goes Crossbones started off on the wrong foot, by starting the diary as if all the events had already happened However, a couple of quick entries lat [...]

  • Sarah s family has left Skeleton Creek Leaving Ryan without his best friend The town has benefitted from the gold found in the old dredge Ryan s father has purchased a fishing store which he insists Ryan spend his summer working in.Ryan has a secret from the old dredge that he hasn t revealed to anyone He shares with Sarah a new clue for another mystery in Skeleton Creek.Sarah s parents agree to let her drive across country visiting family members on her way to CA for film school Unbeknownst to [...]

  • Another chilling installment in the Skeleton Creek series Not quite as exciting as the first two books, and I found Ryan a bit of a wet blanket and rather whiny for about the first 2 thirds of the book That said, he is still a strong and mostly likeable character, and in this book he actually faces up to his flaws most especially the fact that despite his repeatedly saying he wants to get out of Skeleton Creek, he isn t nearly as worldly as Sarah is Not that Sarah s all that worldly, really, but [...]

  • Plot Ryan and Sarah saved the town from bankruptcy and the ghost of old Joe Bush but he s back Sarah has moved away and Ryan has a map to a treasure but it is a very confusing map which hides its directions in strange pictures Ryan and Sarah figure out that the clues to the treasure are hidden in famous scary places around the U.S And Sarah has convinced her parents that she is going to video camp in Los Angeles but what she is really going to do is go to each and everyone of the haunted places [...]

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