A Murderous Procession

A Murderous Procession Best Read || [Ariana Franklin] - A Murderous Procession, A Murderous Procession Tess Garritsen calls this one my favorite book of the year In King Henry II sends his daughter Joanna to Palermo to marry his cousin the king of Sicily Henry chooses Adelia Aguilar to travel wi A Murderous Procession Best Read || [Ariana Franklin] - A Murderous Procession, A Murderous Procession Tess Garritsen calls this one my favorite book of the year In King Henry II sends his daughter Joanna to Palermo to marry his cousin the king of Sicily Henry chooses Adelia Aguilar to travel wi

  • Title: A Murderous Procession
  • Author: Ariana Franklin
  • ISBN: 9781101186169
  • Page: 376
  • Format: ebook
A Murderous Procession

A Murderous Procession Best Read || [Ariana Franklin], A Murderous Procession, Ariana Franklin, A Murderous Procession Tess Garritsen calls this one my favorite book of the year In King Henry II sends his daughter Joanna to Palermo to marry his cousin the king of Sicily Henry chooses Adelia Aguilar to travel with the princess and safeguard her health But when people in the wedding procession are murdered Adelia and Rowley must discover the killer s identity and whether he isTess Gar A Murderous Procession Best Read || [Ariana Franklin] - A Murderous Procession, A Murderous Procession Tess Garritsen calls this one my favorite book of the year In King Henry II sends his daughter Joanna to Palermo to marry his cousin the king of Sicily Henry chooses Adelia Aguilar to travel wi

  • A Murderous Procession Best Read || [Ariana Franklin]
    376Ariana Franklin
A Murderous Procession

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    Ariana Franklin was the pen name of British writer Diana Norman A former journalist, Norman had written several critically acclaimed biographies and historical novels She lived in Hertfordshire, England, with her husband, the film critic Barry Norman Note The Death Maze UK is published as The Serpent s Tale in the US Relics of the Dead UK is published as Grave Goods in the US.The Assassin s Prayer UK is published as A Murderous Procession in the US.

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  • I liked this very much, even though the book ends with a wrenching cliffhanger and the author has died, so there will be no resolution We are left with some of our characters achingly separated from the others, and with one character in the process of bleeding to death I m sure the author didn t intend to die before she could write another book, but I dislike such cliffhangers in general.Otherwise, this is an odd story, but enjoyable Adelia accompanies the king s young daughter Joanna to her wed [...]

  • Adelia is on the road returning back to Sicily this entire book It s not for a pleasure trip, but to accompany Henry II s daughter Joanna to her marriage with the King of Sicily Henry II has ordered her skills again and the trip separates her from her daughter Allie and several other main characters But we get Ulf and the dog along, and on the way she picks up a new main household servant named Boggart The first half of the book is slow and Rowley seems almost peripheral, although he is in the 1 [...]

  • I liked the other 3 previous books better Some of the characters did not go on this adventure, and they were missed others were brought back and I would have rather have them not The romantic stories were pretty much missed at every opportunity I hope there will be a 5th book and the issues above will be different.

  • First Sentence Between the parishes of Shepfold and Martlake in Somerset existed an area of no man s land and a lot of ill feeling.Dr Adelia Aguilar is thrilled to learn Henry II wants to send her to accompany his daughter Joanna s wedding procession to her home of Sicily Her feelings change to anger when she learns Henry is keeping Adelia s daughter in England to ensure Adelia s return With them, and well concealed, will be Arthur s sword, Excaliaber, as a gift to the bridegroom Danger a rises [...]

  • ok, i love this series, but overall, i felt very.lictedter this installment i have NEVER loved rowley, he is not my first choice for adelia he s sort of like mr big to adelia s medieval carrie only, in the case of the television show, i LIKED mr big i don t know the premise here is that scarry whose name i agonized over pronouncing i have some bizarre totally connotation created mental picture of him as a cross between one of richard scarry s plucky animal people and simba s mean old uncle from [...]

  • This is the fourth book in the series, but I m not sure whether it is the final one I know the author has passed away, and her final book was completed by a family member, but I think it starts decades before the Adelia Aguilar series, so I m not sure whether there is any connection or not.It was a good read as they always are, easy to follow and full of details about life in the 12th century It s a little bit sad if this is the last there is of Adelia Aguilar and Rowley

  • Rating 3.75 of fiveThe fourth Mistress of the Art of Death mystery in the ongoing series, this book was a grave disappointment To my intense irritation, Franklin chose to reveal the identity of the murderer for sure and certain on p19.I ask youge nineteenwhat in Satan s name appropriate to the case, here, as Scarry the Satanist is the killer possessed her to do that And what addlepated editor thought it was a good idea One whole star off for that.I was still reeling from that blow when I got the [...]

  • Wow That was an intense book I had to stop and take a break mid way because the suspense was getting to me The book ends on somewhat of a cliff hanger with lots of loose ends for the next book, or books I m not sure how I feel about the way the story was left But it certainly builds my anticipation for the next Adelia story.I found myself thinking throughout how Adelia s troubles and interactions with the male dominated Catholic church of that time were so pertinent to what I ve been reading in [...]

  • A Murderous Procession is the fourth installment in the medieval mystery series, The Mistress on the Art of Death series, by Ariana Franklin who sadly passed away in 2011 The series features Ariana Aguilar, a medically trained doctor from Salerno at this time the 12th century women were allowed in Salerno to become doctors and her assistant, the eunuch Mansur Adelia is forced by King Henry II to accompany his 10 year old daughter, Joanna the titular procession who is on her way to marry King Wil [...]

  • This book took forever to get going Maybe it was the baggage from the three previous novels The author, Diana Norman writing as Ariana Franklin, has so much detail of 12th Century Europe which she delights in laying before us.Among the elements are The trappings and rituals of royalty The skills of the medicant, herbalist and surgeon and,The time of heretics Cathars, Jews, Saracens, and the role of priests.This novel takes a long time to get going, particularly for a reader of the previous books [...]

  • This 4th book featuring Adelia Aguilar is a very mixed bag Henry II insists that Adelia and most of her household accompany his young daughter Joanna on Joanna s bridal journey to Sicily Henry wants someone who really knows medicine along to keep his daughter healthy And to insure Adelia comes back to England, Henry arranges for Adelia s daughter to stay with Eleanor of Aquitaine while Adelia is away.So the bulk of the story involves the trek from England to Sicily And it looks like someone is b [...]

  • I ve read a whole bunch of books over the last few months and this series is the only one I remember enough to rate, so that says something Nothing brilliant here, but intelligent fun in the medieval world King Richard I love her take on this king, how he s been pretty besmirched in history and yet he is responsible for bringing some of the earliest laws of justice for all And a different take on Eleanor of Aquitaine, and all their pesky children The characters are great It has a modern outlook [...]

  • Getting a bit samey now Predictable and nothing like as enjoyable as the first couple of books The info on the Cathars was interesting but on the whole I think the series has run it s course I won t be getting the next, if there is one.

  • The fourth installment of the Mistress of the Art of Death series did not disappoint Ariana Franklin may she rest in peace, the world lost a brilliant voice has a way of turning the medieval world into a place that you feel like you know really well, like you ve lived there your entire life Her characters are well rounded, even the ones that have small parts I m speaking of Fabrisse in this particular book , and her plotting is brilliant, a true mystery that keeps you up at night so you can get [...]

  • The 4th book and I was hoping to see some character development but it seems that the main characters are trapped by the plot demands including personal danger for Adelia However, Ulf was a pleasure and Boggart as well, but no Gyltha, although I am glad that someone is willing to teach her daughter some social skills There was a lot of religion which got a bit slow and draggy in the middle, with lots of travelling side trips that didn t really move the main story along.Personally, I think the E [...]

  • 4 StarsIts the end of an era The last in this series, that was actually written by the author This story seems fleshed out to me, and even danger for Adelia as times are changing in Europe With the christian church converting folk whether folks want to be converted or not Being anything other than white, anglo male is frowned upon It is the beginning of punishment of those, for what the church views heretics, witches, saracens, etc Adelia, Mansur and company tread on thin ice throughout the en [...]

  • Fourth, and so sadly, the last in the Adelia Aguilar series, but every bit as engrossing and engaging as the previous three Mediaeval pathologist you have to read the books, trust me, it works Adelia is sent by Henry 11, one of my favourite characters in literature, on a trip to Sicily to a safeguard his daughter s health and b hand over Excalibur to his friend and future son in law, the King of Sicily Tricky enough in those days, but to make matters worse an assassin, with an old score to settl [...]

  • What a joy and delight that the fourth book in a series is as wonderfully written as the previous three In fact, it may even be my favorite one yet Of course, having just finished it gives it an advantage over the others The character of Adelia Aguilar is simply one of which I can t get enough Franklin lets Adelia continue to grow and evolve as the events around her places her in the middle of history and danger The relationship with Rowley who doesn t love a forbidden love also continues to evo [...]

  • UUUGHOk still great time era, research, details etc But my least favorite of this series.Adelia and Rowley I m a fan but treading water a LOT in this relationship Also Adelia was particularly whiney here to me.Ulf Love seeing him back Scarey UGH I HATED HIM I was so mad he wasn t resolved last book, and here he is, we know who he is most the book, he talks in italics, UGH I HATE HIM.HEY THIS BOOK SHOULDN T HAVE HAD A CLIFFHANGER BECAUSE THAT ISN T HOW THIS SERIES GOES AND BY THE WAY SAD PART The [...]

  • This is the fourth in Ms Franklin s Mistress of the Art of Death series and sadly, due to her passing away, it is the last In this book King Henry II forces Adelia Aguilar to accompany the Princess Joanna to Sicily for her wedding Adelia is the only real medical authority he trusts to watch over his ten year old daughter on the long and arduous journey Adelia is slightly reluctant about making the trip even though it is to her homeland but after nearly ten years in England she has grown to love [...]

  • WARNING Spoilers for the book s ending A conspiracy between Rowley and Henry II sends Adelia Aguilar back to Sicily, but without her daughter Allie It seems Rowley is concerned Allie isn t learning the things a lady ought, and instead seems intent on her interest in animals and bugs A furious Adelia is unaware that Rowley is also concerned for her life It seems Scarey a bad guy from the last novel is trying to killer Adelia So Adelia and Rowley set off with a contingent to escort Henry s daughte [...]

  • I ve mixed emotions about this one I love the series and wanted it to go on, but with the death of Ariana Franklin a few years back, this is the last book in the Mistress of the Art of Death series I m so glad I discovered the books, each one was better than the previous one I ve grown to feel a sentimental, personal attachment to the characters the lovely, independent Adelia Aguilar, the Mistress of the art of death, who is confined to England by the King Henry II her lover, Bishop Rowley, grum [...]

  • This series has been one of my favorites, and I was so sorry to read that the author has died Although this is not the best in the series, still there are some fascinating things to learn about life in the early middle ages The main character in this series is a female forensic medical examiner who has to pretend that her manservent is actually the doctor, lest she be killed as a witch In this book, she is to accompany the King of England s daughter to Sicily, where she is to marry the king of S [...]

  • This author whose real name is Diana Norman is right up there with Shakespeare for me This mystery series is set in midieval England and features a woman pathologist Note In those days she would have been considered a witch who solves mysteries The story is rich and riveting The characters are memorable and well developed The details about life in this era are fascinating food, hygiene, relationships, politics I read this book, and the others in the series, one after the other I have read them m [...]

  • Not as good as the other books in the series but I m still sad this is the last one It really sucks that this wasn t set in Cambridge or even England and that some of the main characters weren t present, but the setting of France and Sicily, etc ended up being quite cool There also wasn t much of a plot arc as in the other books and in general not a whole lot happened for the majority of the book I definitely prefer the first three.

  • A 2.5 The reason the fourth book is rated a 2 by me and not a 3 like the first three in the series is because the story is just of the same old same old Rowley s still an arrogant a hole, a character I cannot stand Even when reading his inner thoughts, he comes off as a selfish person And I don t feel that he really loves Adelia, the person He loves the ideal, fantasy version constructed in his mind because in his thoughts he s continually thinking up ways to change her fundamental character tr [...]

  • As I was looking at book summaries on Ariana Franklin s website to remind myself of past book events, I came across the sad news that she real name Diana Norman had passed away earlier in the year Enjoying the Adelia books as I have, I found this news quite sad and was determined to savor this last of the series I was still sad, then, to find that I enjoyed it the least of the 4 books It took me a while to put my finger on what dissatisfied me At first, I thought it was merely the rambling quali [...]

  • While worth reading, this is not the strongest entry in the series Adelia Aguilar, mistress of the art of death, has been an enjoying a quiet life in the countryside with her daughter, Allie, although she wants nothing than to return to her native Sicily Then King Henry II demands that she accompany his daughter Joanna to Sicily for her marriage, but he keeps Allie with Queen Eleanor to ensure that Adelia returns However, a series of murders in the procession soon point to a killer who is after [...]

  • For some reason, picked this up despite not having read 2 or 3 of the series, and proceeded to be utterly sucked in to the next slice of Adelia s most unusual life This author makes history truly come alive for me like few others as I read about the latest developments in Adelia s personal life and those of her close companions, I felt desperately sad that it seems that with the author s recent passing, readers will learn no about this unique cast of characters Perhaps because of that finite se [...]

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