Ghost Canoe

[PDF] Ghost Canoe | by ☆ Will Hobbs - Ghost Canoe, Ghost Canoe After a sailing ship breaks up on the rocks off Washington s storm tossed Cape Flattery Nathan McAllister the fourteen year old son of the lighthouse keeper refuses to believe the authorities who [PDF] Ghost Canoe | by ☆ Will Hobbs - Ghost Canoe, Ghost Canoe After a sailing ship breaks up on the rocks off Washington s storm tossed Cape Flattery Nathan McAllister the fourteen year old son of the lighthouse keeper refuses to believe the authorities who

  • Title: Ghost Canoe
  • Author: Will Hobbs
  • ISBN: 9780380725373
  • Page: 407
  • Format: Paperback
Ghost Canoe

[PDF] Ghost Canoe | by ☆ Will Hobbs, Ghost Canoe, Will Hobbs, Ghost Canoe After a sailing ship breaks up on the rocks off Washington s storm tossed Cape Flattery Nathan McAllister the fourteen year old son of the lighthouse keeper refuses to believe the authorities who say there were no survivors Unexplained footprints on a desolate beach a theft at the trading post and glimpses of a wild hairy man convince Nathan that someone is hidingAfter a sailing [PDF] Ghost Canoe | by ☆ Will Hobbs - Ghost Canoe, Ghost Canoe After a sailing ship breaks up on the rocks off Washington s storm tossed Cape Flattery Nathan McAllister the fourteen year old son of the lighthouse keeper refuses to believe the authorities who

  • [PDF] Ghost Canoe | by ☆ Will Hobbs
    407Will Hobbs
Ghost Canoe

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  • Will Hobbs

    WILL HOBBS is the author of seventeen novels for upper elementary, middle school and young adult readers, as well as two picture book stories Seven of his novels, Bearstone, Downriver, The Big Wander, Beardance, Far North, The Maze, and Jason s Gold, were named Best Books for Young Adults by the American Library Association ALA also named Far North and Downriver to their list of the 100 Best Young Adult Books of the Twentieth Centrury Ghost Canoe received the Edgar Allan Poe Award in 1998 for Best Young Adult Mystery In outdoor stories that appeal to both boys and girls, Hobbs has readers discovering wild places, sharing adventures with people from varied backgrounds, and exploring how to make important choices in their own lives A graduate of Stanford University and former reading and language arts teacher, Will has been a full time writer since 1990 He lives with his wife, Jean, in Durango, Colorado Will s books have won many other awards, including the California Young Reader Medal, the Western Writers of America Spur Award, the Mountains and Plains Booksellers Award, the Colorado Book Award, and nominations to state award lists in over thirty states.

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  • This book is terrible It has potential, though A boy and his family in the Northwest with a bunch of Native Americans, and a greedy dude who will gladly kill you for some Spanish treasure But STILL SUCKS Besides, the kid goes fishing EVERY SINGLE CHAPTER It s like Oh, la la la, look A canoe up in the tree Let s go look at it I wonder what it means Let s go fishing later La la la, hey, look It s Captain Bim Someone stole your life s savings I had better go fishing then Oh no Kane killed Dolla Bil [...]

  • The theme statement in the book Ghost Canoe is that if you don t believe someone about something you should go find out and prove what you believe That is exactly what Nathan McAllister did The book Ghost Canoe takes place in Washington State in a place called Cape Flattery It is a cape that is very rocky and is usually very stormy It has an island just off the shore that is called Tatoosh Island that has a light house that Nathan and his dad run The book is about a 14 year old boy named Nathan [...]

  • There is a boy named Nathan and he lives in a lighthouse at sea His mother is very ill and is not looking good One day Nathan goes to the beach and finds a ship wreaked boat He reports it and finds out that no one finds a survivor from the boat that shipwrecked But that does not explain why he saw footprints in the sand from the boat into the near by cave Ever since he has found the boat he notices so many things in this town that he never saw before Strange things start to happen to Nathan and [...]

  • A 7th grade class that I work in is reading this book Most of the students have never spent time on the western side of the Washington state and they are struggling to stay interested in the book My class is mostly low income and minority students who really have no connections to make with a white boy growing up with Makah indians in the Puget Sound We are using this book to help learn about Washington State History Although the students don t really like the book, I thought the book was very i [...]

  • Another stellar story by Hobbs Nathan MacAllister is the son of the lighthouse keeper on Tatoosh Island in Washington He witnesses a shipwreck and, after hearing of footprints found on the beach and some thefts from the local trading post, refuses to believe there were no survivors He spends time with his friend Lighthouse George, a Makah fisherman, and learns to hunt, fish, and whale He also searches for clues to the missing Spanish gold supposedly hidden in the area Is this what the mysterious [...]

  • WORST BOOK EVER Actually, Kite Rider is worse jst by a little Ghost Canoe is a total waste of time, id rather be sleeping but sadly it was a class book and i had to read it Schools always pick the worst books, its like their trying to bore us to death oh, wait they are

  • One of the best books that I have read for this age group Fast action, mysterious, spooky, and well written Not just for boys either.

  • Nathan MacAllister is the fourteen year old son a lighthouse keeper on Tatoosh Island, a small body of land the very northwestern tip of the continental United States The year is 1874 when a ship breaks off the rocky side of the nearby Cape Flattery There are no survivors, save for some unexplained footprints found on the shore As Nathan explores the island, takes care of his sick mother, and goes on whale hunting missions with the nearby native tribe, he finds himself racing against time to sol [...]

  • I truly enjoyed Ghost Canoe and am not going to spoil it for anyone Please see Kirkus Reviews at kirkusreviews book reI will give this many stars

  • at the start of this book, I thought I chose a bad book Nathan was doing nothing but asking silly questions and going fishing But when I got halfway through, I really liked it much The story speeds up and flows easier.If he worked a bit harder on this one, I would have put 5 stars.

  • Will Hobb s message in Ghost Canoe is to always follow one s instincts This novel takes place on the rough and rugged shores on an island called Tatoosh off the Washington coast where a ship has a mysterious crashed and murder victim was found from the ship washed up On a calmer forested place close by called Cape Flattery On the towering, rock cliffs of Tatoosh Nathan Mcallister, a fourteen year old scottish boy lives with his mom and dad in a damp lighthouse where they must work every night t [...]

  • Ghost Canoe, written by Will Hobbs, is a non fictional book about a 12 year old Nathan MacAllister who faces tough obstacles One of these is the obstacle of an incredibly sick mother, and a necessary travel with his mother away from his father to a Makah Village, in hopes of stimulating health for his mother While there, Nathan grows and matures by joining a different culture, meeting new people, and a life threatening effort to stop a murderous treasure hunter Nathan finds experiences a vast my [...]

  • Well i have been reading a book called Ghost Canoe by Will Hobbs,when i was looking for a book, i wanted a book that interested me and was about the outdoors, so i found this book and read the back of the cover and it sounded good so i started to read it but as i got halfway through the book it started to get boring because the same thing that went on in the beginning happened all throughout the book where he was trying to find out about the murder that happened and find out about the canoe whic [...]

  • Listening to this book reminded me of why I avoid books like this.I suppose that s a bit unfair years ago I read _Jason s Gold_ and didn t mind it, and a coworker read and enjoyed _Go Big or Go Home_ But I just couldn t get into this What kills me is that this book won all sorts of awards when it came out 1997 , and literary reviews call it exciting sigh The story is about a younger teenage boy named Nathan who lives off the Pacific Northwest Coast in 1874 One of his favorite things to do is fis [...]

  • This book was about a 14 year old boy named Nathan MacAllister He lives on the Tatoosh Island with his mom and dad But him and his mom move to Neah bay because shes sick and needed to go to a place were she would get better Once Nathan gets to Neah bay somebody comes to buy the village store Once he comes alot of wierd things start to happen Somebody money was stolen, there was a shipwreck and all the crew died except for the captain who went ashore, but then he was murdered Then Nathan suspects [...]

  • This is by far the BEST book I have ever read It is a mystery and adventure book There is a boy who lives near a lighthouse and when he learns about some ancient Native American game pieces, he is hooked on them But, he learns later that they are valuable and people are out to steal them He soon learns that there is a pair of them up in an old tree in a burrial He then has to steal them to protect them from the burrial before the theifs can get a hold of them I m not going to give away the endin [...]

  • 2 14 11I have just started the book and i am on pg 6It is a slow start as Nathan is working hard to keep his farmhouse alive Since the book has only just startes, it is slow, but it will heat up 2 24 11I am on pg 73 but i will read Nathan witnesses a shipwreck The next day the beach near him has mysterious footprints Nathan goes on a journey into the woods, were he finds an ancient burial a man lying in a canoe in a tree He makes his way to a cave were he thinks he sees a person, but runs away [...]

  • This book was mystery It was very exciting It was about two boys that wanted to go canoeing down a river and then they got caught in a bad storm and ended up getting lost and they had to survive together in the woods where no one knew where they were They fixed their canoe and started down the river again to find someone to help They found a man who lived in the area for a long time and they became great friends with this guy At the end they finally found their way home but it was hard for them [...]

  • Historical fiction A quick read Less than 200 pages This is a book written for teen readers, but for all ages, and full of interesting historical information An excellent book to find out about a number of Northeast native American tribe s culture and way of life It takes place around the time that European immigrants began to take over the NE It also educates you about how the different Euro powers England, Spain and France divided the different tribes in order to conquer all of them and take w [...]

  • Nathan s father is the lighthouse keeper, and Nathan runs around Neah Bay, fishing with Lighthouse George, a Makah Indian He explores the forest and observes the life around him He is the only one who worries when a single survior of a shipwreck may be around When a well dressed stranger starts poking around, Nathan thinks he may be after rumors of Spanish gold Nathan is the only one who knows where the other half of the treasure map is hidden, and his life is at risk if he can t solve the myste [...]

  • Yeah kind of okay I agree with somebody s review that the kid spends a lot of the book fishing There s lots of historical information on native american traditions, including how they made canoes, how they buried people, etc There s a bad guy There s a mysterious guy who may be redeemed There s the older hero guy who normally helps the kid but is temporarily disabled, yet comes back to help And of course, there is the completely ineffectual parents Dad s minding the lighthouse on a remote island [...]

  • An excellent writer of young adult fiction based on true geopgraphy and peoples.This one is northern Washington on the Pacific Coast Strait of San Juan de Fuca s about a y oung boy helping his father keep a lighthouse and the his timer learning about the Chinook Indian way of life while living near the Indian village.There s alsays a good mystery, and Hobbs is a darn good storyteller to boot His chapter endings are great

  • I did enjoy this book by Hobbs Not only is there adventure in figuring out who is a theif and murderer in their small community, but Hobbs takes the reader whale hunting with the local Indian tribe and a closer look at some of their traditions Hobbs also created a small loving family where the 14 year old actually confides in his father when things get to tough to take on alone.I listedn to an audio version.

  • I would highly recommend this young adult book The Pacific Northwest Native American history was so interesting The characters were dynamic Nathan main character nearly gets in over his head with his curious nature I loved watching him learn new skills and a new way of life from the Indians This is a great read for a reluctant young adult reader, especially boys Nathan is a great role model for boys his age.

  • The book, Ghost Canoe by Will Hobbs was an interesting book, because it showed people going on a terrifying adventure in a creepy canoe I would want to recommend this book for the children of ages 10 and older because it is an book full of adventure I think the book deserves an 9 out of 10 rating, for its outstanding writing, and for its vocabulary I think that the author, Will Hobbs, would want to right similar stories to this book, because of his outstanding stories

  • I read this with my kids every fall as a read a loud to complement our NW Coast Native American studies the setting and information learned about the Makahs provide a great compliment The story is a bit slow to start but once the action picks up, my entire class is hooked and often surprised by the ending.

  • Young Adult Upper grade historical fiction This book has many elements to recommend it sympathetic main character would appeal to boys as well as girls , lighthouse, NW coast tribes, a ghost canoe in a tree, a shipwreck, murder mystery The story moves along well, and the plot is interesting.

  • An action tale with a heart I love how important family is, I love the adventure, and I especially loved how the hero made good decisions He was tempted to do things that would only benefit his family, but he chose to keep his conscience clear This was a refreshing change I like this author and his ability to weave a tale for all ages.

  • Themes Native American Indians, Canada, Washington, lighthouse keeper, sick mother, murder, gold, Spanish, ships boats, fourteen year old boy, From Mrs DaviesAuthor tells rather than shows in parts, various aspects of the story very predictable, but book is clean, would appeal to boys, and shows positive family and interpersonal relationships Adventure mystery Well reviewed.

  • This book was alright I read it a long time ago It s about a shipwreck and sightings of a hairy man on an island, after everyone was pronounced dead Nathan hunted seals and searched for clues on the island, that eventually led to the discovery of a treasure.

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