Vanishing Act

Free Download Vanishing Act - by Liz Johnson - Vanishing Act, Vanishing Act Eighteen months ago Nora James watched as her father was shot in an alley and then she fled She changed her name her appearance and her job hoping to keep her father s shooter at bay For months it Free Download Vanishing Act - by Liz Johnson - Vanishing Act, Vanishing Act Eighteen months ago Nora James watched as her father was shot in an alley and then she fled She changed her name her appearance and her job hoping to keep her father s shooter at bay For months it

  • Title: Vanishing Act
  • Author: Liz Johnson
  • ISBN: 9780373444069
  • Page: 492
  • Format: Book
Vanishing Act

Free Download Vanishing Act - by Liz Johnson, Vanishing Act, Liz Johnson, Vanishing Act Eighteen months ago Nora James watched as her father was shot in an alley and then she fled She changed her name her appearance and her job hoping to keep her father s shooter at bay For months it worked but now her luck has run out A ruthless assassin is on her trail and soon Nora now known as Danielle will be found But this time she has FBI agent Nate AnderseEighteen months Free Download Vanishing Act - by Liz Johnson - Vanishing Act, Vanishing Act Eighteen months ago Nora James watched as her father was shot in an alley and then she fled She changed her name her appearance and her job hoping to keep her father s shooter at bay For months it

  • Free Download Vanishing Act - by Liz Johnson
    492Liz Johnson
Vanishing Act

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    Liz Johnson Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Vanishing Act book, this is one of the most wanted Liz Johnson author readers around the world.

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  • This book was provided for review by the author Having read Johnson s first book I had high expectations for this one, and I wasn t disappointed This was a great second novel The writing was the same as Kidnapping of Kenzie Thorn, but yet there was something slightly different My only guess is that with the second book there were grammatical and maybe semantically different aspects, but I would imagine that only comes with refining the author s style This story had great twists, and really kept [...]

  • I was so excited to be contacted by the author to review this book I had been looking for an Inspirational read to experience stepping out of my normal reads of paranormal and romance I was genuinely surprised to find out that just because it is inspirational based, doesn t mean it can t have romance and intrigue.This book had suspense and intrigue involved through Nora She changes her name after she sees her Father shot by a bad and dangerous man She is not only running from him, but from the F [...]

  • I liked that Nora was able to become Danielle by becoming friends apprentice to Andy, although I didn t immediately know how different her new career path was, until at least halfway though That she was able to change her appearance so well was a nice touch made her an intelligent heroine On the other side of the coin that Nate didn t even think about people who didn t match the photo description was horrible not only did it not make for a smart hero, but he was a FBI agent, why didn t he think [...]

  • Nora watched them shoot her Dad and she ran as far as she could and changed her name and her hair color and contacts changed her eye color now she was Danielle.Nate Anderson was an FBI agent in charge of the Portland office They were short a field agent so he took the case of finding Nora and getting her into protective custody The FBI was ready to bring the criminals who shot her Dad to trial The criminals were also looking for her and have sent a professional hit man named the Shadow This was [...]

  • I found the relationship between nate and Danielle Nora believable in its pacing, and I liked how Nate was struggling not to be distracted However, I knew almost from the beginning who the villain was Anti climactic.

  • Even though Vanishing Act had a fairly simple plot, I enjoyed Liz Johnson s novel This love inspired romance is one of those books with a Christian twist But the characters, who attend church and pray, are not overly religious In fact, despite being an FBI agent and a woman who wanted by a ruthless hit man, they are fairly normal people.The story follows kidnapping victim, Nora James, who after seeing her father shot in an alley after a hostage exchange gone wrong, goes into hiding Nora changes [...]

  • The book begins with Nora James being kidnapped and watching her father shot At his request, she gets in his car and takes off for parts unknown, never looking back Eighteen months later, she s Danielle and is in a small town working as a mechanic When FBI agent, Nate Anderson, learns that the cartel has located her, he takes off to enroll in community classes and see if he can find her before they do There s an important reason, and though it was revealed early in the book I don t want to ruin [...]

  • Title VANISHING ACTAuthor Liz JohnsonPublisher Love Inspired SuspenseAugust 2010ISBN 978 0 373 44406 9Genre Inspirational romantic suspenseNora James has vanished eighteen months ago when she watched thugs shoot her father down in the middle of an alley Now she has a new identity as Danielle, an auto mechanic, in a small town of Colorado She is safe, and feels safe, until her boss, Andy, has to go out of town to care for his mother, and asks her to teach his class at the community college Nate A [...]

  • I ll confess, when I read the back of this book, I expected to be able to predict the plot, the twists, and the outcome While I did peg the bad guy almost immediately, I did not figure out the rest That alone gives this book a thumbs up That leaves one thumb to go, right Well, how about the fact that the characters are interesting, the plot is engaging and the spiritual encouragement is right on the nose for the primary area that the women I know usually talk about What is it Fear This book is [...]

  • If you could rewrite your life story, what kind of tale would you create Would it be a sweet cozy mystery, a thrilling adventure saga or a heart melting romance The universal appeal of that idea starting over with a new name, a new appearance, a new job draws us again and again to stories about former spies, amnesia victims, and people in the FBI s Federal Witness Protection Program Of course, we don t like to consider the usual reason for requiring a new identity is because someone wants to kil [...]

  • Vanishing Act is a fun read for the inspirational suspense romance afficiando Ms Johnson does a good job of keeping you guessing throughout the story as to who is the bad guy and who is the good guy.The storyline is imaginative Our heroine, Nora James, witnessed the shooting of her father in a back alley and barely escaped the same fate herself Now on the run from an assassin hired by the crime boss who shot her father, Nora must disappear and stay disappeared.Enter FBI Special Agent Nate Anders [...]

  • For eighteen months, Nora James has been on the run After seeing her father murdered, she moved to a small town, changed her name to Danielle and became an auto mechanic She has managed to stay in hiding all this time, but the killers are closing in Nate Andersen is the FBI agent who is trying to protect her As the story progresses, the suspense builds and strong feelings develop between Nate and Danielle.Have read Liz Johnson s debut novel, The Kidnapping of Kenzie Thorn, I knew I could expect [...]

  • From my Book Review BlogRundpinne Vanishing Act by Liz Johnson is the second in her Love Inspired Suspense series, which I had not heard of prior to reading Vanishing Act and I am very glad to be sharing this book with my readers For those looking for an excellent suspense novel filled with a non graphic romantic element then this is a book to read Nora James is in hiding after witnessing her father s murder, she has changed her name, appearance, relocated to Colorado and is working a very uniqu [...]

  • Vanishing Act by Liz Johnson is the latest title in the Love Inspired Suspense line Steeple Hill Nora James disappeared eighteen months ago after watching her father shot by the same men who had kidnapped her days earlier Now FBI agent Nathan Andersen has been led to Crescent City, Colorado where he s gotten word that Nora is hiding and that an assassin is there as well to ensure that Nora will never testify against her abductors He has instant chemistry with mechanic Danielle, and when it appea [...]

  • I liked Vanishing Act a lot because the writer played with our common stereotypes It s fun to see women break out of standard roles and interesting to see the decisions people make based on erroneous beliefs Bravo that our heroine was strong, but human I loved that she enjoyed a healthy lifestyle too So often the skinny heroine eats a ton of junk food like the Closer, one of my favorite shows, unrealistic in cause effect but never sees the actual results happen to her body This heroine exercises [...]

  • This book , Vanishing Act by Liz Johnson is a past paced and easy book to read It took me one sitting An act of violence takes Nora s father from her and makes her a target for an assassin She went into hiding and was pretty successful for awhile Meanwhile FBI agent Nate is looking for her When he does finally find her he does his best to protect her Both Nora and Nate are attracted to each other but find it hard to let their guard down This Love Inspired novel takes you along on the journey of [...]

  • This was a good story which would have received 4 stars except I had pretty much guessed who the Shadow was right away There were red herrings that were dangerous in their own right but I guess I have read too many of these books and had the killer spotted pretty quickly.Nora witnessed the shooting of her father and ran, changing her location, identity and appearance Nate is an FBI agent who has information about her whereabouts and needs to bring her back to testify against the man who shot her [...]

  • Eighteen months ago, Nora James watched a criminal known ironically as Goodwill shoot her father in cold blood She ran, and later assumed a new identity Nora now lives as Danielle, a mechanic in a small town FBI agent Nate Andersen has been sent to find Nora and keep her safe while Goodwill goes to trial Nate is wary about getting involved with Nora because he s afraid of repeating the pattern of hurtfulness the men in his family are famous for The author does a nice job of setting up the myster [...]

  • I found the relationship between Nate and Danielle believable in its pacing I especially appreciated how Nate was trying not to be distracted by Danielle without realizing she was his assignment My only qualm with the set up was that the mystery was supposed to be who the Shadow was, and I had it figured out by the character s second appearance But that could be just because I read too much Agatha Christie novels.

  • I m not really a romance person, but the suspense kept me turning pages and the romance made it fun, especially when Nate is drawn to Danielle but has absolutely no idea who she is As another reviewer has said, they are Christians who go to church and don t jump into bed , but there are no sermons here I did find it a bit of a stretch that she could learn auto mechanics from scratch in a year.

  • This is not what I would consider adult reading The story line is okay, dialogue predictable as is the plot This book is probably suitable for teens who like suspense romance but not really my cup of tea I prefer a book with substance.

  • This is one of those books that I could read again and again, even after knowing the ending The writing style was so intense, and I really loved the characters I was able to believe they were real while I lost myself in the story.

  • A little better than OK A girl goes into hiding when her father is gunned down in front of her A year and a half later the FBI still looking for her to be a witness and the word is that a hit out on her.

  • Good ReadLots of action right from the beginning,all the way to the very end.Keeps you guessing just who the hit man is.I never guessed it.

  • Summary Nora witnessed her father being shot and fled for her life She hid in a small town and stayed hidden until FBI agent Nate found her and fell in love with her.

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