The Blue Demon

✓ The Blue Demon ✓ David Hewson - The Blue Demon, The Blue Demon Twenty years ago a mysterious group called the Blue Demon committed a series of bizarre and ritualistic crimes evoking the legacy of the lost race of the Etruscans and leaving in their wake a group ✓ The Blue Demon ✓ David Hewson - The Blue Demon, The Blue Demon Twenty years ago a mysterious group called the Blue Demon committed a series of bizarre and ritualistic crimes evoking the legacy of the lost race of the Etruscans and leaving in their wake a group

  • Title: The Blue Demon
  • Author: David Hewson
  • ISBN: 9780330512510
  • Page: 408
  • Format: Paperback
The Blue Demon

✓ The Blue Demon ✓ David Hewson, The Blue Demon, David Hewson, The Blue Demon Twenty years ago a mysterious group called the Blue Demon committed a series of bizarre and ritualistic crimes evoking the legacy of the lost race of the Etruscans and leaving in their wake a group of dead students a murdered couple a cryptic message and a kidnapped child Now the leaders of the G are descending on Rome for a summit at the Quirinale Palace But whenTwenty years ✓ The Blue Demon ✓ David Hewson - The Blue Demon, The Blue Demon Twenty years ago a mysterious group called the Blue Demon committed a series of bizarre and ritualistic crimes evoking the legacy of the lost race of the Etruscans and leaving in their wake a group

  • ✓ The Blue Demon ✓ David Hewson
    408 David Hewson
The Blue Demon

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    DAVID HEWSON was born in Yorkshire in 1953 He has written sixteen novels, as well as several travel books Until 2005 he was a weekly columnist for the Sunday Times until becoming a full time author David lives in Kent but visits Italy frequently All 11 of his Italian books are now in development as TV movies.Series Nic Costa

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  • To be completely honest with you, it has taken me well over two months to finish this book I have also been dreading writing this review because I haven t been able to bring myself to be any positive about the novel than what follows While the story had interesting elements, David Hewson didn t really do much with them outside of drag out meaningless detail and commentary In a story like this, the non existent back story could have added the missing dimension that is so painfully obvious Before [...]

  • Il DEMONE AZZURROTHE BLUE DEMON, by David Hewson ranks among one of the best books I ve read this year I am fortunate enough to own and read this book, it being the later works of Hewson where his ingenuity and word weaving craftsmanship, shined through It took me a while to love this book postponing to read it fully for than a month because it was difficult to pick up at first Had even contemplated in selling it back, or swapping it for another because I was convinced the depth was too much Gl [...]

  • Spies and police and terrorists in Rome during a meeting of the G8 Nicely done fictionalization of some aspects of Italian politics Lots of intersecting character groupings, sometimes a bit confusing, sorting the good guys from the bad guys Many twists and turns But then that s sort of the point A decent amount of blood and gore, but not too much Less action than some thrillers, not much running across the rooftops being chased by sharp shooters thank goodness Don t miss the afterword, with its [...]

  • I m reading the Nic Costa series out of order, but that doesn t seem to matter as each one stands by itself The Blue Demon centres on the apparent resurgence of a long dead terrorist group, and is set in Rome, where Nic Costa and his team try to uncover the identity of the Blue Demon and prevent any further murders It s an interesting idea and I enjoyed the story, there is a lot of incidental detail about the places, which I also liked.

  • really struggled finishing this sometimes a series just runs out of steam weak compared to the previous books in the series.

  • Twists and turns Fascinating plot with many surprises I will read books by this author Could not put it down.

  • I doubt I would ever have considered reading this title had it not been for the Italy in Books Reading Challenge for 2011 Thrillers and mysteries are a genre I do not read a great deal of although I have a few authors of this genre I enjoy In fact I usually only read this genre if it is one my husband has read and recommends to me This was the case with this one and also to be honest I was hunting around our bookshelves for something set in Italy for the final book of the challenge So although t [...]

  • This eighth book in the Nic Costa series is the best yet Our intrepid team, including the young detective s friend and partner Peroni, the pathologist Teresa, and their boss Falcone, are trying to keep Rome safe during a meeting of the leaders of the G 8 nations in the Quirinale After an aborted terrorist attack, the city closes down as if under siege The conflicts between the Carabiniere, the military police, and the Polizia di Stato runs through the narrative The story takes us back to the ear [...]

  • At first I didn t really got into the book This is not the first Costa book I have read, but somehow, this one cost me a little trouble At the end however, when things are finely starting to happen, it was as I remember fast pacing and down to the point.What I like about this series is the connection with Roman Italian history In this one, this connection is very thin There is a minor connection to the Etruscans, but that is about it The Blue Demon of the title refers to a painting of a blue de [...]

  • Doris said In a slight change of direction for this series starring Nic Costa and his team of Rome s Polizia di Stato, terrorist threats escalate and a politico is murdered as the city prepares for a G8 summit Minutes into their investigation, with panic spreading throughout the city, they re pulled off the case by the Ministry of Interior security chief and the Prime Minister.But the President an old Costa family friend has other ideas He sends them off to work in secret, reporting only to him. [...]

  • David Hewston s nic Costa Series of mystery thrillers involving a small squad of police officers in Rome are remarkably layered with great little grace notes about Italian food, art, culture and snippets of real RomeThis particular story set around a meeting of the G 8 in Rome has it allrrupt politicians, mendacious CIA agents, deeply disturbing conflicts between security forces and marvelous thread of convincing intrigue stretching back to the end of World War II and the founding of the CIA and [...]

  • In David Hewson s City of Fear, the 8th installment of the City of Fear, Nic Costa and his crew at the Questura tackle their toughest case yet It all started with the abduction of a politician and escalated to his murder from there For Nic and his fellow policemen, they believe they were up against the Blue Demon terrorist cult group that resurfaced from twenty years ago and now targeted on politicians and didn t want anyone to stand in their way The closer to the truth to what laid beyond their [...]

  • This series has in the past touched upon political issues and has featured agents of various organisations Here though the emphasis does shift from crime to an international threat from terrorists as Nic and his associates take on a special assignemnt at the request of a highly placed member of the Italian government.This was the first book I read following a course of medication that messed with my ability to concentrate on the printed word Given its complexity in terms of the twists and turns, [...]

  • I think David Hewson is a wonderful story teller His characters, who continue in each book, are clearly defined and very realistic One feels he is in Rome due to the authors descriptions of the locations in the story The plot has many curves City of Fear is loosely based on an historical event in the 40 s in Italy So, along with the enjoyment of the story itself, there is something to learn I ve read all of Hewson s Nic Costa books and recommend them all However, it would be better to begin with [...]

  • This wasn t my favorite book in the series I have always liked this series because of the stories pertaining to the main characters development throughout the different books This book focused closely on the actual mystery without much in the way of the investigative team s personal issues It also signals a change in direction for the detectives as they pursue a new criminal element While I have really enjoyed Hewson s work, I will have to see what direction he is going in before I know whether [...]

  • My favorite Nic Costa book since The Garden of Evil The two novels have several things in common a breakneck pace, a decades long conspiracy, and a race around Rome to prevent future murders I appreciate the fact that Hewson doesn t dumb things down history and literature lessons abound , and his ensemble, with Nic at the core, gets stronger with each book I made it through this one in about three days and look forward to the next, which, according to the ending of City of Fear, should be even [...]

  • Quite a complex thriller revolving around the Rome police team of Nic Costa, Gianni Peroni, Rosa Prabakaran and Teresa the phorensic scientist The Blue Demon is associated with the Etruscan s and thought up by political and secret service members in the 1970 s to combat the expected threat of the spread of communism The current threat has been evollved by contact with religious sects of the Taliban in Afganistan Currently the attacks are against the G summit and the president Dario Sordi.

  • City of Fear, set in Rome over a three day period, has many elements of a great thriller conspiracy, political assassinations,hunt for a band of terrorists, some Etruscan history and a bit of modern Italian history The characters are finely drawn the story moves along briskly and there are some fascinating scenes and twists leading to a grand climax The best place to start this Nic Costa series and meet the main cast would be at the Villa of Mysteries.

  • I enjoyed this mystery political thriller featuring Nic Costa He and his team are back in Rome, this time tasked by the President of Italy to investigate the return of a shadowy terrorist organization known as The Blue Demon Action moves between Rome and Tarquinia, where ruins of the Etruscan civilization may provide a clue.

  • While I really liked some of the books in this series, I found this one a really tough slog It wasn t really that gripping and sadly I found I didn t really care that much about the characters they weren t as well developed, perhaps, or their personalities didn t come out as clearly It s a shame but my attention really wandered in and out and it took me much longer to finish as a result.

  • This is the 2nd David Hewson book that I have read and enjoy the fact that the books are set in Rome The book was not in my opinion as good as A season for the dead It is about the return of a Blue demon group that was last heard of twenty years ago, during the visit to the city of the G8 who are attacked by terrorists.

  • A very engaging mystery with plenty of plot twists The setting of Rome and the nearby areas of Italy add to the plot especially the history of the area adding verisimilitude to the plot Also very scary in that the US has done so much that contributes to the political instability of Italy and the Middle East.

  • Another good page turner from David Hewson Enjoyed the story and the political intrigue, howeverspoilerWhat happened at the end of the story Who was the Blue Demon I felt let down Hopefully the Fallen Angel will complete the tale for me.

  • eccezionale come sempre, David Hewson mi continua a sorprendere sempre pi alla fine ho avuto un brivido di tristezza, ma tutto si risolto se possiamo cos dire anche se avrei voluto pi dettagli da Anna Ybarra

  • Vind dit boek minder, dan de andere boeken uit de serie van Nic Costa en zijn team Te veel aandacht op MP ME , politiek terwijl het team niets te zeggen heeft Het einde is ook niet echt een afsluiting.

  • Nog zo n detectiveserie waarvan ik nog niet alles gelezen heb en dat nog zeker wil doen De boeken zitten allemaal goed in elkaar, zijn goed geschreven en zijn een goede mengeling van feit en fictie.

  • Roman police detective Nic Costa and his squad are threatened personally and professionally when they discover a possible terrorist attack during a G8 conference Eighth in an excellent series featuring well drawn characters, face pacing and complex plots with historical relevance Louise J.

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