Sin's Daughter

Sin's Daughter Best Download || [Eve Silver] - Sin's Daughter, Sin s Daughter Cursed with immortality driven into a nomadic life on the fringes of society to escape those who hunt her Amber Hale has learned the bitter lesson that she can never grow close to anyone Never love Sin's Daughter Best Download || [Eve Silver] - Sin's Daughter, Sin s Daughter Cursed with immortality driven into a nomadic life on the fringes of society to escape those who hunt her Amber Hale has learned the bitter lesson that she can never grow close to anyone Never love

  • Title: Sin's Daughter
  • Author: Eve Silver
  • ISBN: 9781426865350
  • Page: 166
  • Format: ebook
Sin's Daughter

Sin's Daughter Best Download || [Eve Silver], Sin's Daughter, Eve Silver, Sin s Daughter Cursed with immortality driven into a nomadic life on the fringes of society to escape those who hunt her Amber Hale has learned the bitter lesson that she can never grow close to anyone Never love Only once did she break her own rules And her lover Kai Warin paid for her mistake with his life For decades she s been numb with grief Now confronted by a soul reaperCursed with im Sin's Daughter Best Download || [Eve Silver] - Sin's Daughter, Sin s Daughter Cursed with immortality driven into a nomadic life on the fringes of society to escape those who hunt her Amber Hale has learned the bitter lesson that she can never grow close to anyone Never love

  • Sin's Daughter Best Download || [Eve Silver]
    166Eve Silver
Sin's Daughter

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  • Eve Silver

    National bestselling author Eve Silver has been praised for her edgy, steamy, action packed books, darkly sexy heroes and take charge heroines Her work has garnered starred reviews from Publishers Weekly, Library Journal, and Quill and Quire, two RT Book Reviews Reviewers Choice Awards, Library Journal s Best Genre Fiction Award, and she was nominated for the Romance Writers of America RITA Award The first book in Eve s new teen series, THE GAME RUSH, is available now Watch for PUSH, coming from Katherine Tegen Books, June 2014 Eve lives with her husband, two sons, an energetic Airedale terrier and an exuberant border collie shepherd Contact Eve through her website at evesilverVisit Eve on Twitter twitter Eve_SilverPlease do not send requests for review copies through I don t have any ARCs of PUSH If you d like a review copy, please contact HarperCollins

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  • 4 stars When I was small, they were the monsters beneath my bed And you want me to go right to them Deliver myself like a gift Hurt flashed across his features before he masked it Do you think I d let them take you Hurt you he asked, his voice low and intense Why should I trust you Additional series info view spoiler I read this series several years ago and really enjoyed The fascinating and sometimes complex worldbuilding filled with often unique and interesting characters Its use of Egyptian m [...]

  • Heads up An arc of Eve Silver s Sin s Daughter was provided in exchange for an honest review This is a novella that takes place before the Sins Series, which starts off with Sins of the Heart If you haven t heard of that, I have written a review already for the first three books If you would like to know about this series, be sure to check it out This review is going to be short due to the fact that I am going to avoid spoiling certain parts I recommend that you read this after reading the firs [...]

  • This brand new to me series luckily came out with the Free e book version of the prequel story and I snapped it up to read Just finished and this is the coolest short story ever, it has the neatest paranormal twists for the two main characters Kai and Amber that has ever come to my attention in a long time The story if full of action, hot sweaty sex and some of the most honest give and take between the male and female lead in a book in a very long while I cannot wait to dive into the full length [...]

  • A great companion piece to the Sins series that fills in some pieces of the puzzle in the main story line Short, but satisfyingly dark, haunting, gritty, sexy, and attention grabbing, Sin s Daughter fits right into the Sins Series Note that is novella can be read as a stand alone and or at any time before or after reading any of the other books in the series I definitely recommend reading this piece I voluntarily read and reviewed an ARC of this book from the author.

  • Wow I enjoyed this short story, immensely It had a fast pace, with action in the right places and the right amount of spiced up passion Sin s Daughter was a great setup story for the Otherkin Trilogy, it laid the ground work out nicely with plenty of hints of intrigues to come I can t wait to get my hands on the first book, Sins of the Heart

  • Short, sweet, and to the point No messing around with tons of background, but I didn t really miss it I got the gist of the story from what s written This is basically a short recap and reunion of two lovers who both thought the other betrayed them It sets up the series nicely and introduced you to a handful of what I m assuming are characters from upcoming books.

  • This wasn t terrible I don t want to imply that you shouldn t give the book, author, or series a shot But for me it was just too short, too predictable, and frankly, just not memorable For a romance, I found it way too lacking in dramatic tension I see that others have enjoyed this author Maybe her full length novels are a better choice.

  • Sin s DaughterEve Silver Disclaimer I received this novella from the author for free The following review is my own with no input or influence from the author This is a novella in the Sins series It s not about any of the sons of Sutekh, but Kai one of his soul reapers, and Amanda, the girl he loves This was a fun little back story that gives some insight into one of the players in Sutekh s realm I really enjoyed this story and look forward to the next installment in the sins series I don t real [...]

  • Sexy Suspenseful full of Surprises and as always Sinfully Stimulating This is a Novella in the Sin Series It may seem out of order but truly it isn t It fills in some missing information and provides detailed background for some of the characters like the box the guy running down the alley don t want to give spoilers but for those who have read the series it fills in some blanks This is Kai and Amber s story Kai is a soldier not a son of Sutkeh this is an important piece of information and I am [...]

  • This novella is a prequel to the Otherkin series Having read book 1, Sins of the Heart, first, it actually fits better as the 2nd read of the series as a number of the references to demons, Egyptian gods and otherwise make so much sense if you ve read at least one previous book in the series A novella prequal is typically an appetizer of sorts This story brings some depth to minor characters met in book 1, along with an intro to 2 new characters Call this a side dish, if you will.

  • I wanted to like this and have a reason to read the whole series but this book was boring, trite, and totally predictable without anything to provide anything interesting.

  • I enjoyed this It s a novella and not about the brothers like the rest of the series, but it was a good quick read.

  • It s not that it s not a good short story, because it is It s that I paid 4.00 for 87 pages that really pisses me off And people wonder why the average person has no issues torrenting books

  • 3.5 Stars Nifty Prequel NovellaFifty years ago an act of betrayal led to the death of the only man Amber Hale ever allowed herself to love Now she s on the run againillways and letting her guard down for just a blink of time almost seals her fate when the Hunters break into her apartment She doesn t know why she s being hunted For all that her mother instilled the deep fear of the Hunters long ago, Amber has never known why She only knows she s been running her whole lifel one hundred or so year [...]

  • It was okay The story happened in a two day span Basically it gives the prolog of the boyfriend Kai dying and assuming that it was the result of his girlfriend Amber But while dying he s given a choice So the story begins where Amber is running away from people she calls hunters While defending herself someone comes to help to her so she assumed until the person takes his hand which have turned into claws and takes out the man s heart This person turns out to be Kai her ex boyfriend They are bot [...]

  • I can t blame others who read this book first, because without the context of the other books, I may have felt the same way they did However, I did read the other books first and saw this one after the fact I loved the other books for the most part so was ok with how this one was written Unlike the others, Kai and Amber did have a pastah, you don t really get much history into that past like how they met and fell in love, how and why he taught her to shoot, or exactly what happened when they bot [...]

  • from Murphy s Library murphyslibrary Sin s Daughter is a short prequel of the Otherkin series but you can read it before, during or after reading the series, it doesn t make any difference, once there s no big spoilers of the series on this 8 chapters story reason why I didn t post the attention warning at the beginning of this post We get to see a little bit of Kai on Sins of the Flesh, but we would never ever imagine what happened to him if it wasn t for Sin s Daughter.On this book we meet Kai [...]

  • I recently read Sins of the Heart, book 1 in the Otherkin Trilogy and was lucky enough to get this novella for free Sins Daughter, a prequel to the Otherkin Trilogy, introduces us to Amber Hale, who is on the run from Hunters She s been hunted by them all her life and has no idea why Fifty years ago, she was in love with Kai Warin Amber and Kai both believe that the other betrayed them They ve held onto that feeling of betrayal all these years, so when they unexpectedly meet again, they want ans [...]

  • To put it plainly I did not like this book.Perhaps I should have read the main story first, then read this prequel, but I did not like it one bit.It moved fast, it zoomed through days Doubts and mysteries were solved just like that WTF The sex scene wasn t really needed for such a short book It read out somewhat like fanfiction.I do not doubt that I would have enjoyed this book better had I read the main story first, then I d know just what the confusion and confrontation was about, but reading [...]

  • just a prequel and a very short one but it seems nice enough.I will have a better idea when I read the real series.I got bored during the sex scene thougho much sex and not enough storyI know you got to keep the housewife entertained but so and so, every YA book especially the paranormal ones is starting to look kinda alike

  • Coming into this short story without having read anything else in this series, I found it interesting with intriguing characters and demons, which I pretty much love all the time I guess that means I ll be reading in this series in the future Kelly Reading the Paranormal

  • I read this after book 4 so I knew going in how it was going to play out so no suspense for me It was enjoyable and I really liked both Kai and Amber This could definitely have benefitted from details.

  • New author to me The story was good I liked how the world is created Kind of reminds me of Gena Showalter with Demons, gates to prevent from opening and one bad mistake of a forsaken lover Good set up for me to try this series.

  • I did like it It was a good brief story that made me want to read of the stories in the series Just too short to really flesh out the characters as it was my first exposure to them or the type of setting these books are in.

  • ok I didn t realize this is part of a series Now that I know that, this wasn t that bad I am a little lost, however, if I had read some the first book, this may have gotten stars I might actually go back and get the first book and be hooked on a new series.

  • This was a short story prequel to the Otherkin series It was very short I didn t feel like we had time to really get to know the characters, but it was a good story It will be interesting to see how this plays into book 2.

  • I thought this story was well written and made me curious about reading the Otherkin books The only thing I found odd was the inclusion of not one but two sex scenes one was rather graphic in such a short piece of fiction.

  • It was a well written story It kept my attention and the plot had enough twists and turns that it was never boring I would highly recommend this book.

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