I pilastri della terra

I pilastri della terra Best Download || [Ken Follett Roberta Rambelli] - I pilastri della terra, I pilastri della terra Un mistery una storia d a una grande rievocazione storica in quella che la sua opera pi ambiziosa e acclamata Ken Follett tocca una dimensione epica trasportandoci nell Inghilterra medievale al te I pilastri della terra Best Download || [Ken Follett Roberta Rambelli] - I pilastri della terra, I pilastri della terra Un mistery una storia d a una grande rievocazione storica in quella che la sua opera pi ambiziosa e acclamata Ken Follett tocca una dimensione epica trasportandoci nell Inghilterra medievale al te

  • Title: I pilastri della terra
  • Author: Ken Follett Roberta Rambelli
  • ISBN: 9788804572268
  • Page: 242
  • Format: Paperback
I pilastri della terra

I pilastri della terra Best Download || [Ken Follett Roberta Rambelli], I pilastri della terra, Ken Follett Roberta Rambelli, I pilastri della terra Un mistery una storia d a una grande rievocazione storica in quella che la sua opera pi ambiziosa e acclamata Ken Follett tocca una dimensione epica trasportandoci nell Inghilterra medievale al tempo della costruzione di una cattedrale gotica Intreccio azione e passione si sviluppano cos sullo sfondo di un era ricca di intrighi e tradimenti pericoli e minacUn mistery I pilastri della terra Best Download || [Ken Follett Roberta Rambelli] - I pilastri della terra, I pilastri della terra Un mistery una storia d a una grande rievocazione storica in quella che la sua opera pi ambiziosa e acclamata Ken Follett tocca una dimensione epica trasportandoci nell Inghilterra medievale al te

  • I pilastri della terra Best Download || [Ken Follett Roberta Rambelli]
    242 Ken Follett Roberta Rambelli
I pilastri della terra

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    Ken Follett is one of the world s most successful authors Over 160 million copies of the 31 books he has written have been sold in over 80 countries and in 33 languages.Born on June 5, 1949, in Cardiff, Wales, the son of a tax inspector, Ken was educated at state schools and went on to graduate from University College, London, with an Honours degree in philosophy He was made a fellow of the college in 1995.He started his career as a reporter, first with his hometown newspaper, the South Wales Echo, and then with the London Evening News Subsequently, he worked for a small London publishing house, Everest Books, eventually becoming the deputy managing director.Ken s last project, the Century Trilogy, has sold 19.5 million copies worldwide The three books tell the story of the twentieth century through five generations on three continents Ken s first major success came with the publication of Eye of the Needle in 1978 A World War II thriller set in England, this book earned him the 1979 Edgar Award for Best Novel from the Mystery Writers of America It remains one of his most popular books.In 1989, Ken s epic novel about the building of a medieval cathedral, The Pillars of the Earth, was published It reached number one on bestseller lists everywhere and was turned into a major television series produced by Ridley Scott, which aired in 2010 The next book in the Kingsbridge series, World Without End, the sequel to The Pillars of the Earth, proved equally popular when it was published in 2007 The Kingsbridge series has sold 38 million copies worldwide.Ken has been active in numerous literacy charities and was the president of Dyslexia Action for ten years He was the chair of the National Year of Reading, a joint initiative between government and businesses He is also active in many Stevenage charities and is the president of the Stevenage Community Trust Ken also set up The Follett Trust, which awards single donations to the arts and in cases of social deprivation and education.Ken, who loves music almost as much as he loves books, is an enthusiastic bass guitar player in two bands He lives in Stevenage, Hertfordshire, England, with his wife, Barbara, the former Labour member of Parliament for Stevenage Between them they have five children, six grandchildren, and three Labradors.

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  • I devour books That is my euphemism for being so OCD that I can t put it down and live my life until I finish it For shorter books, that s generally not a problem, but for the 974 page Pillars of the Earthwell, let s just say we ran out of food, my children clung to my legs asking for food, and the floors did not get vacuumed for a good five days while I whittled away at this bookIFF HANGER This book is not a cliff hanger at the end of every chapter kind of book, which makes it easier to read it [...]

  • This book was popular As in a mini phenomenon Seriously Am I being punked Tell the truth no one else read the book It was all an elaborate media pop culture scheme to trick me into reading this book Please lie to me about this I m not sure I can go on living if I have to believe that this is what my fellow man is reading these days.My utter disdain for the book comes from many a source A It s 900 pages Mind you, I ll read 900 pages, even 1,500 pages, if it s amazing But it has to be a crackerjac [...]

  • The most expensive part of building is the mistakes Look, it s difficult to explain exactly why I liked this book Seriously, if you take a look at the blurb, note the 973 pages, and the fact it s a very long story about building a cathedral in Medieval England, you might think I ve been smoking something But for me and I m assuming for a large number of other readers it was so damn compelling.I m going to get the crap out of the way first if you are sensitive to scenes of rape, DO NOT READ THIS [...]

  • I did not hate this book hate would be too strong a word, and I can t hate it because I applaud the fact that Ken Follett attempted to write an epic novel But I did not like it I didn t like it from the start his writing style hit me like a brick, but Jim thoroughly enjoyed the book that I kept trying to convince myself that I ought to give it a chance, hoping it would get better When I was about 500 pages in, he saw how miserable I was and asked why I didn t just stop reading it, but at that po [...]

  • This is seriously one of the worst books I ve ever read The only reason I finished the book is because I cannot put a book down once I start.The writing is terrible The plotting may be dramatic, but I had almost zero interest in any of the characters they seem to exist merely for events to happen to them, like actors in a disaster movie Beyond that there seemed to be three characters in the book Bad guy, good guy, and good victimized yet able to overcome girl.What got me most was Ken Follett see [...]

  • This book was so completely fantastic that I almost forgot the outside world existed when I was reading it I ve never be so emotionally invested in a story, as I was with this It s a rare book that does this to me I think it s because it follows the characters through such a large proportion of their lives, resulting in a large amount of intimacy and investment with them Indeed, this novel spans a massive period of forty years and has 1000 pages this is no light reading it is deep, emotive and c [...]

  • 7.2 MILLION STARS Did I just read one of the most amazing books I have ever read Yes, yes I did I cannot say enough about this book, the story, the writing, the characters, etc etc etc Everything is perfect If someone had said to me, Here is a 1000 page book about the building of a cathedral 1000 years ago in England I probably would have fallen asleep before the end of their sentence But, do not judge a book by its description it is a 1000 page book about the building of a cathedral, but Follet [...]

  • I read this out of order as once I read World Without End, I was so captivated that I had to go back to read this one It was good, but I much preferred World Without End Follett creates such a remarkable world full of characters you love and you hate And to think it takes place over 500 years ago so many historical adventures, realities I love the relationship people had with the church not so much from a religious perspective, but in how it defined every action and thought in their day It was a [...]

  • He was mesmerized by the challenge of making soft, round shapes out of hard rock The stone had a will of its own, and if he tried to make it do something it did not want to do, it would fight him, and his chisel would slip, or dig in too deeply, spoiling the shapes But once he had got to know the lump of rock in front of him he could transform it There are so many memorable characters populating this epic novel that I would be hard pressed to even say who is the main character of this novel, but [...]

  • I know I m going to be in the minority here, but this is truly one of the worst books I have ever read I came so close to throwing the book across the room on several occasions, and ended up skipping through many pages just to get to the final and not too surprising finish The characters were flat and lifeless and seemed to have been transplanted from the 20th century into medieval England The book was rife with unnecessary profanity that in no way enhanced the storyline and obscene gratuitous s [...]

  • Confession time This is not a book I would have picked out for myself First of all, look at the size of this kitten squisher Second of all, Amanda s hate filled review of it is one of my favorite reviews on However, it s one of my girlfriend s favorite books and when she suggested I give it a read, I knew what was good for me Lucky for me, I enjoyed it.Pillars of the Earth is a multigenerational tale about the construction of a cathedral in a fictitious English town in the 1100s Many threads are [...]

  • A massive tome with a spine thicker than Arnold Schwartzenegger s forearm, Pillars looks intimidating enough to make even the most avid readers wary its 973 pages are densely packed with unforgiving walls of 8 point text with nary a line break in sight Before I was than a hundred pages in, however, it became apparent that length was among the least of this behemoth of a book s problems Follett s concept a medieval, generation spanning epic built around the construction of a cathedral is excitin [...]

  • A tapestry of medieval cathedrals centered around an epic drama and some would term it melodrama but that s open to debate.Ken Follet actually wanted to write this book years before it was published But his agent told him to build up his base of fans by writing several thrillers His EYE OF THE NEEDLE pushed him up to the best seller list At a later point, after writing those novels and studying medieval cathedral architecture, Follet got to write his 900 page novel centering around the British [...]

  • Ahem Pillars of the Earth is a very long book It s got a lot of soap opera like twists and turns no amnesia, but just about everything else, including mistaken identities, illicit marriages, illicit lack of marriage, illegitimate children, questionable parentage, love triangles, revenge, greed, power, a few murders, rape, witches, politics, knights, swords and horsies OK, that last bit is not so soap opera like There s also lots and lots of architecture And it s a very long book.Main story follo [...]

  • How does one review a book that one cannot even describe So many times after gushing about how good Pillars was, people ask me, What s it about And I, swirling in the happy aftermath of a mind so blown away that it s still traveling near the speed of light, struggle to gather what s left of analytical thinking and dumbly blurt, Um, it s about building this cathedral Way to not to sell a book.I still have trouble really describing Pillars in a way that satisfies Because while it is about building [...]

  • A monumental undertaking An achievement to last the ages Want to know how it feels to build a cathedral Read The Pillars of the Earth by Ken Follett By the time you re done reading this huge book you will feel as if you ve spent the better part of your life hoisting brick and laying mortar The details are marvelous and intricate Follett obviously did a lot of research in order to construct this mammoth book This is reminiscent of Moby Dick in the minutia of its attention to detail It acts almost [...]

  • There aren t many things left to say when it comes to Ken Follett s masterpiece The Pillars of the Earth is one of the most beautiful, haunting, exquisitely well written novels of all time It is a showstopper book not only in the Historical Fiction genre, but in Literature in general Still, for an obsessed reader of historical novels like yours trully, it can become the standard by which all other historical sagas are measured I don t know whether this is just and right, but it does happen to me [...]

  • 4.5 What you re doing is wrong, he said I mean evil To give up happiness like this is like throwing jewels into the ocean It s far worse than any sin Since there is pretty much nothing I didn t like about this book, and since the only reason why the fifth star is missing is that Medieval history isn t really my thing and so I loved the Century trilogy far too much in comparison with The Pillars of the Earth to give the latter the same rating as the former, in this review I will only be trying t [...]

  • 6.0 stars An absolutely amazing reading experience This one may actually make it on to my All Time Favorite list I listened to the audio version of this book, which means just over 40 hours of content, and when it was finished, I actually believed it should have been LONGER This book grabbed me from the opening pages and kept me interested and engaged throughout the entire novel a very rare feet for a 1000 page novel With as much as I had heard about this book, I went into it with very high expe [...]

  • Ken Follett leaves his comfort zone with this epic tome, which highlights the development and building of a massive cathedral in Kingsbridge, a rural English community Follett takes the reader back to the 12th century, where Tom Builder is looking for work After the death of his wife in childbirth, Tom leads his family from town to town hoping for employment scraps to ensure his brood has a means to survive Meanwhile, a young monk by the name of Phillip travels to Kingsbridge on business, only t [...]

  • A friend recommended this book He is no longer a friend I confess a snooty predisposition against pulpy books I was going to the beach so I thought this would be a good beach book.So what s it about A master builder wanders medieval England looking for work He s with his family pregnant wife she was his soul mate the author actually writes that twice , medieval Bart Simpson ish son, scrawny daughter He Dreams of Building a Cathedral Along the way he meets a witch in the forest a pulchritudinous [...]

  • This is an amazing read, Iloved this book A lengthy novel at over 900 pages and not for the faint hearted and yet the story moves at a surprising quick pace The characters are so well portrayed and engaging that you cant wait to turn the pages to unravel their fates I loved the twists and turns of this novel and as historical fiction goes this is among the best I have read as the research is excellent.Set in 12th century England, the narrative concerns the building of a cathedral in the fictiona [...]

  • I hated this book Let s just get that out of the way so there is no confusion later on.Ken Follett describes a gloomy, dismal, nearly barbaric society whose citizens greatest concerns seem to be their egos and their lust for power and control He uses the building of the great European cathedrals as the impetus for his story the magnificent structures were made possible through trickery, lies, greed, criminal acts and selfish ambition Forget about the Glory of Godat s just history s cover story B [...]

  • I finally finished this book and I loved it The characters were interesting, flawed, and complex The storyline was captivating, intricate, and exciting I think that because the story was told from the point of view of many characters 5 or 6, I think , the author was able to show so much of what was going on in many different places at the same time Also, the length of the book allowed for a lot of time to pass almost 50 years I love how the author incorporated some actual historical events into [...]

  • Rating 3 of fiveThe Publisher Says As a new age dawns in England s twelfth century, the building of a mighty Gothic cathedral sets the stage for a story of intrigue and power, revenge and betrayal It is in this rich tapestry, where kings and queens are corrupt and one majestic creation will bond them forever.Honest That s all of it I guess they figure if you haven t read it by now, you ain t a gonna My Review This was a group read on LibraryThing in 2009I joined in because I haven t read the boo [...]

  • This epic novel draws the reader into the 12th century story filled with tragedy, romance, success, betrayal and revenge We have a host of characters to love and hate Through these characters we live vicariously The description is so well written that the reader feels they are in the story, whether in Kingsbridge, England building a Gothic cathedral or in Saint Denis France studying cathedral architecture The plot and subplots weave through the building of Kingsbridge cathedral and the many char [...]

  • Toward the end of this 1000 page book I noticed the ad for the equally non descript titled SEQUEL released 17 years after Pillars This raises a lot of questions What kind of author leaves his fans hanging for 17 years Can there possibly be anything left unsaid after 1000 pages Is this why Follett looks so smug on the back cover w his black turtleneck Maybe in the sequel he ll explain why he couldn t find room in the story for Martha after age 6 She was my favorite character and she got maybe 5 s [...]

  • i can t stress enough how not good this book was everett says he likes it that i pan books, so he will be pleased with this review where does one start when explaining what makes a piece of shit unpleasant is it the smell is it the origins is it its inherent turdness this book is inherently a turd follett s preface says that people have told him it is the best book they have ever read, and i have to seriously question what they re comparing it to sweet valley high maybe, but not necessarily.okay [...]

  • Hmmm a family relation lent me this book I was mostly interested in what kind of books my particular relation was into I think you can learn a lot about a person by reading their favorite books I am actually a little disturbed Yes you may call me a prude, but there was sex in it I know what your thinking thats not a shocker But its not just sex it is violent sex It has several graphic rape scenes And I have to admit violence to women frightens me I don t need that graphic of an image of midevil [...]

  • Set in twelfth century England, The Pillars of Earth is an epic tale of remarkably unforgettable characters in pursuit of building the greatest Gothic cathedral the world has ever known As simple as the plot may sound, the novel offered than what it appeared to have.This is thebestHistorical Fiction I ve read as of today This gigantic piece of treasure didn t seem that huge while I was reading it I m serious when I say that this even felt shorter than some 300 pages novel I ve read The whole no [...]

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