✓ Toxicology ã Jessica Hagedorn - Toxicology, Toxicology A bold new novel about the intersection of art love fame and money from the acclaimed author of Dogeaters Jessica Hagedorn s edgy and entertaining new novel centers on the lives of two women who ar ✓ Toxicology ã Jessica Hagedorn - Toxicology, Toxicology A bold new novel about the intersection of art love fame and money from the acclaimed author of Dogeaters Jessica Hagedorn s edgy and entertaining new novel centers on the lives of two women who ar

  • Title: Toxicology
  • Author: Jessica Hagedorn
  • ISBN: 9780670022571
  • Page: 165
  • Format: Hardcover

✓ Toxicology ã Jessica Hagedorn, Toxicology, Jessica Hagedorn, Toxicology A bold new novel about the intersection of art love fame and money from the acclaimed author of Dogeaters Jessica Hagedorn s edgy and entertaining new novel centers on the lives of two women who are neighbors in Manhattan s West Village Mimi Smith is a filmmaker of low budget slasher movies in search of new material Her neighbor Eleanor Delacroix is a legendary wriA bold new novel ab ✓ Toxicology ã Jessica Hagedorn - Toxicology, Toxicology A bold new novel about the intersection of art love fame and money from the acclaimed author of Dogeaters Jessica Hagedorn s edgy and entertaining new novel centers on the lives of two women who ar

  • ✓ Toxicology ã Jessica Hagedorn
    165 Jessica Hagedorn

About “Jessica Hagedorn

  • Jessica Hagedorn

    Jessica Tarahata Hagedorn was born and raised in Manila, Philippines in 1949 With her background, a Scots Irish French Filipino mother and a Filipino Spanish father with one Chinese ancestor, Hagedorn adds a unique perspective to Asian American performance and literature Her mixed media style often incorporates song, poetry, images, and spoken dialogue.Moving to San Francisco in 1963, Hagedorn received her education at the American Conservatory Theater training program To further pursue playwriting and music, she moved to New York in 1978.Joseph Papp produced her first play Mango Tango in 1978 Hagedorn s other productions include Tenement Lover, Holy Food, and Teenytown.In 1985, 1986, and 1988, she received Macdowell Colony Fellowships, which helped enable her to write the novel Dogeaters, which illuminates many different aspects of Filipino experience, focusing on the influence of America through radio, television, and movie theaters She shows the complexities of the love hate relationship many Filipinos in diaspora feel toward their past After its publication in 1990, her novel earned a 1990 National Book Award nomination and an American Book Award In 1998, La Jolla Playhouse produced a stage adaptation.She lives in New York with her husband and two daughters, and continues to be a poet, storyteller, musician, playwright, and multimedia performance artist.

412 thoughts on “Toxicology

  • Not really bad but I had a hard time relating to this book The setting is in Manhattan and all the main characters are female and they live the cosmopolitan life in the 80 s or 90 s.It is the story of two American ladies in New York Mimi the younger of the two is a movie director who hits a stage in her life when she needs an inspiration to find back the creativity that she used to enjoy when she was a lot younger Her friend is an senior citizen, lesbian Eleanor who is now a has been in erotic w [...]

  • Hagedorn s novels often construct an arena where making art, finding love, defining meaning, pop culture, and the soul converge to tell some kind of story, where dream like sequences merge with unapologetic, blunt, raw happenings This book was no exception, telling the story of interconnected artists in various stages of fame and success who fight to make art and struggle even to make life These mostly unhappy characters and trying moments I kept going back to the question if art is worth this [...]

  • It reminds me a lot of A Visit from the Goon Squad in that they re both nonlinear, the plots are about art artists, and are very pop culture y But I like this one better because it came together better perhaps because of the fewer characters Toxicology s characters were interesting enough All drugged up, boozed up, and fucked up But it was hard to empathize with them or to feel a deep connection to them The exception would probably have to be Eleanor, because Hagedorn wrote her beautifully the s [...]

  • Well written book interesting characters but not ultimately engaging Still worth the read, mostly for Eleanor s character.

  • I never thought that i would be very much pleased with this book This is the most engaging book that i have read so far this year I am not really familiar with Jessica Hagedorn or the kind of material she creates But when I finished this book, I was immediately smitten with her work and writing style I have to admit that at first, I find the book a drag There were too many problems for the characters to handle That is why I had my doubts if I will be able to finish the story To my surprise, thes [...]

  • it s kind of trippy to move across the country, read the great night which takes place in your new backyard, and then read toxicology which takes place in your old backyard like horatio street backyard my money s on heath ledger for inspiration, btw but my god this is a new york book not in the whatever author who writes those gritty new yawk books way, but in a name dropping ny1 anchors way like who is going to know stuff like that except us they re not even going to know that they don t know t [...]

  • I want to like this book I really do if only because I m feeling a bit patriotic and this novel is written by a proud Filipino, but all I can muster to feel for this novel is just distraught and polite bewilderment The story telling is not coherent It s hard to get the gist of what the story is all about when the author seems not to know herself where she wants the story to go Or exactly what her intentions are as the reader is trying to make sense of the all the debris It seems this novel was w [...]

  • I can t remember where I read about this book or why I thought I would like it, but it was not my thing Pop culturey though it was, it was just a little bit much for me Perhaps I am not edgy or cool enough to be part of this books readership I didn t identify with the characters or their struggles, and the way it was written, I didn t want to empathize with them either The author did pick some cool names for her characters there is an elderly lesbian cocaine dealer named Cleo so the book has tha [...]

  • ooh, I loved Jessica Hagedorn in college, I would definitely like to pick her up again Here s this, from the Greenlight Bookstore newsletter Toxicology centers on two West Village neighbors a low budget slasher filmmaker desperate to revitalize her career, and a legendary and scandalous literary figure now nearing eighty Their personal and artistic lives begin to converge around various disappearances, drugs, and murders, creating a dark, savagely funny, and ultimately heartbreaking novel explor [...]

  • aaarg this book so much of it i absolutely adored, but there are parts where it feels like massive sections are missing i think the cousin story line should have been entirely removed i don t understand the point of the brother, and what was the point of bobby i wanted full Eleanor and Mimi stories, i LOVED them both and i didn t get enough time to know them i want so desperately to give this 5 5 but it s 3 5 at best, which is a bummer bc i can see what this book could have been and it s killing [...]

  • Toxicology reads as if it is written by someone who isn t comfortable with the English language Not this is a bad translation uncomfortable but I don t think that word means that you think it means, uncomfortable I found myself asking, Is that REALLY want you want that character to do Have you meet another human It s close enough to real life, yet far enough from an alternate parallel existence of how people actually function to just seem strange.

  • A fascinating yet frustrating novel Many of the characters I grew to loved grew to love to hate But there were a few sub plots that didn t seem as developed as they could have beenwhich irritates me, as I was very much intrigued by them and the clues they left behind to tease the reader There s also a sub plot about a cousin named Agnes that seems right out of left field, compared to the thrust of rest of the book It s a diamond, surrounded by a lot of gravel.

  • Behind Dogeaters, Toxicology is Hagedorn s best book It pulls you in, takes you on a wild ride and lets you off wondering what happened Hagedorn gets pop culture and the complexities of being an artist in the current moment Her language is raw, imagery rich and content uninhibited I always respect her for giving the finger to the center and valuing otherness.

  • Average I like the narration and the character set, but not the story as a whole Every character has a different story to tell although it did connect all together in the end I m just gonna say I like Eleanor s part This is an entertaining, light read but sometimes I just want to finish it, get over, and move on.

  • This novel defied my expectations Book about writers Usually boring, but not this one Books that end with a text from the writer Usually blah blah blah, but certainly not this one The concluding text was brilliant Also, this novel was an explicit and illuminating survey of modern culture There are even labradoodles, however briefly mentioned.

  • Wow, awesome writing Aptly named, abounding with toxic substances, environments, relationships, and twisted plot lines through NYC, NJ, Philippines, California, Mexico Mostly centered around two artistas a struggling Filipina indie filmmaker and her neighbor in lower Manhattan, an 80 year old lesbian American writer and their lifelong journeys there All in 225 pages.

  • Hagedorn s writing style is mesmerizing In so few words she captures such vivid images I read in awe as she drew seemingly disparate threads of various lives into interconnectedness I also loved that the characters spanned all ages.

  • This book was on a list somewhere so I picked it up at the library I read the first couple of chapters and could not not get into the book Seemed very depressing and the plot was difficult to figure out Gave up.

  • It is my first time reading a novel in the absurd genre and I admit I did not understand what I was reading It was, nevertheless, an interesting read.

  • This is vintage Jessica Hagedorn But the difference this time is that the conundrums of ethnicity is not explicit, almost muted I gave it three stars, because of the prose inventive, sensual.

  • was not an easy read as it was pretty disjointed Never really got to like any characters specifically and don t feel it ended well.

  • Hagedorn does a good job of presenting her character s memories and coming back to current times Very NYC focused and dark.

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