Snowballs in Hell

Free Download Snowballs in Hell - by Eve Langlais - Snowballs in Hell, Snowballs in Hell My brother the antichrist has it so much easier than me Hi I m Muriel misbegotten daughter of Satan and once again my life is in turmoil The cowled one who tortured me left a curse on my mind on Free Download Snowballs in Hell - by Eve Langlais - Snowballs in Hell, Snowballs in Hell My brother the antichrist has it so much easier than me Hi I m Muriel misbegotten daughter of Satan and once again my life is in turmoil The cowled one who tortured me left a curse on my mind on

  • Title: Snowballs in Hell
  • Author: Eve Langlais
  • ISBN: 9781595787828
  • Page: 375
  • Format: ebook
Snowballs in Hell

Free Download Snowballs in Hell - by Eve Langlais, Snowballs in Hell, Eve Langlais, Snowballs in Hell My brother the antichrist has it so much easier than me Hi I m Muriel misbegotten daughter of Satan and once again my life is in turmoil The cowled one who tortured me left a curse on my mind one that makes me afraid Completely unacceptable but in order to remove it I have to do something even worse betray my beloved by bringing another man into our bed As if hMy brother Free Download Snowballs in Hell - by Eve Langlais - Snowballs in Hell, Snowballs in Hell My brother the antichrist has it so much easier than me Hi I m Muriel misbegotten daughter of Satan and once again my life is in turmoil The cowled one who tortured me left a curse on my mind on

  • Free Download Snowballs in Hell - by Eve Langlais
    375 Eve Langlais
Snowballs in Hell

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    New York Times and USA Today Bestselling AuthorHello, my name is Eve Langlais and I am an International Bestselling author who loves to write hot romance, usually with werewolves, cyborgs or aliens.I should warn you, I have a twisted imagination and a sarcastic sense of humor something I like to let loose in my writing While well known for my shifter stories, I am also extremely partial to aliens, the kind who like to abduct humans and then drive them insanewith pleasure Or do you like something a little darker, serious Then check out my cyborgs whose battle with humanity have captivated readers worldwide.If you d like to know , read some excerpts or find out what I m working on, then please visit me at EveLanglais or sign up for my newsletter at evelanglais newrelease I am also extremely active on Facebook facebook evenglais.98

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  • I loved Snowballs in Hell This is another wicked adventure from Lucifer s daughter Muriel You ll find out the meaning of Hell s frozen over in this book I enjoyed reading this book until I got to the end and then NO She didn t I was left HANGING I started screaming EVE WHERE IS THE NEXT BOOK UGH Sobbing uncontrollably I don t think I can wait to find out what is going to happen to Muriel Anyhow, if you haven t read the first book Lucifer s Daughter, don t read this one until you do, take my word [...]

  • I am totally loving this series The spunky and funny Muriel is back and is in trouble and the only way to get enough power to fight her demons seems to be to bring another man into her bed Ha, I wish my problems could be solved like that David, the third in this threesome is a cat shifter and a very welcome edition I liked his character Of course Satan is back, and the banter between Muriel and him is hilarious Father daughter bonding at its best.So all in all, another fun paranormal read, with [...]

  • I ll admit I was incredibly nervous when I picked this story up I have a HUGE crush on Auric, so the idea of another man coming into the picture did not excite me I love Auric and Muriel together, but as I started reading, guess what, I fell in love with someone else too, David.The story is written in a way that made me accept David s role with the couple As Muriel fought against it, so did I And when she came around to the idea, I found myself being okay with it too As always the sex is scorchi [...]

  • This is a book where you re lucky if you can walk away from it intact it s that insanely HOT Having completely been seduced by the first book, Lucifer s Daughter and a book virgin to all things m nage themed, I was excited to get my hands on SNOWBALLS IN HELL and couldn t wait to dive in and see just how heated it could get What I learned was this if by some chance Hell really does freeze over in my lifetime, just throw a copy of this book in there and watch how fast things begin to melt With sh [...]

  • One month has passed since Muriel s encounter with the mysterious Hooded One the night she nearly died Her reoccurring, daily nightmares are making her feel weak and worse, shameful She does not like being afraid of anything The changes in Muriel are especially tough on her soulmate, fallen angel Auric He will do anything to protect his love and help her get better.I m going to say this right up front Snowballs in Hell is FULL of graphic sex So much so, that I actually started skimming and forwa [...]

  • Oh hell no Why This was definitely my fav Please Eve come quick with the next oneI m dying

  • Too hot even for Hell This book is sure to keep you warm on those long winter nights The m nage scenes are scorching It s a fun and sexy novella with a little adventure and action between the sheets The characters are enjoyable and bring great humor to the table Caution This story might not be for the traditional romance lover but it s a must read for the erotic paranormal romance reader Read my full review here hstrial brandibakeruitwebs

  • Review originally posted at RabidReads.Muriel is now out as the daughter of Lucifer People are trying to assassinate her Auric, a fallen angel and her lover, is getting even protective of her They aren t even seeing that much of dear ol Dad because he has his hands full dealing with tracking down these factions down in Hell There is also the ramifications of the torture that Muriel endured in the first book It is giving her horrible nightmares and making it difficult to fight.When Muriel finds [...]

  • This series is only getting better, and while I still like Lucifer s Daughter a little better, Snowballs In Hell makes for a very strong sequel.After her encounter with The Master in the finale of Lucifer s Daughter a curse has been placed on Muriel to feel fear, not something that this princess of hell is used to Terrifying nightmares have her screaming herself awake every night and whenever she is confronted with a figure in a hood she passes out.After speaking with the Mages of Hell Muriel di [...]

  • Quotes You celebrate the birth of Christ asked David, his brows high in surprise Not exactly As you well know, Christ wasn t born in December Nope, we celebrate the solstice by decorating a big ass tree, setting it on fire and dancing naked around it I said this so seriously that it took David a minute to realize I was messing with him.I cracked up at the look in his face Oh, please Of course I celebrate Christmas Like hello, lots of presents for me Do you really think I d skip a holiday like th [...]

  • This book picks up about one month after Lucifer s Daughter ends Muriel is still dealing with the ramifications of the end of Lucifer s Daughter where she ends up in Hell, tortured by an unknown hooded figure Back safe with her lover Auric, she has been having bad nightmares The upside, she has been having a lot of sex especially since it allows her magical abilities to rejuvenate Her father Satan still has no idea why this mysterious person is trying to kill Muriel, but they all start to suspec [...]

  • Muriel, the princess of Hell is back and is has a problem Ever since she came face to face with the hooded being that tried to kill her, Muriel wakes up every night screaming in fear Muriel gets her magic from sex and the only way to brake the fear curse is for her to sleep with two men at once so gains enough power to destroy it.I liked that Muriel s reaction to this news was an automatic no She loves Auric and does not want to betray him by having sex with another man Just because she is the d [...]

  • Oh my Goddess I LOVED this book I really, really enjoyed it As always I liked Muriel very much She s a kick ass girl exactly as I like my favorite female characters Auric too, I liked him, even though sometimes I had the urge to throttle him.David mmmm let s see In the beginning I didn t want him to join the two birds Muriel and Auric , I was with Muriel in thinking that it was wrong to have sex with a man who wasn t her beloved, her soulmate Auric, although I liked David almost from the start A [...]

  • Talk about dropping a bomb on me with that ending Book two in the Princess of Hell series might be a bit short, but definitely packs quite a punch With only a month having gone by from the first book in the series, we almost pick up where we left off Muriel is living in sin with her boyfriend Auric and everything seems to be as it should be with one exception the constant nightmares How can it be that Lucifer s daughter is having nightmares when she should be the one on the giving end not receiv [...]

  • I love this series and can t wait for the next one to come out If you liked this book you may enjoy the following groups Erotic Enchants GroupMenage Readers Group

  • I liked this one better because I didn t have as many expectations of it Kind of shallow Amusing I already know the ending because I read a sequel I decided to finish the series before I went back to the sequel series because I want to catch all the references.

  • This book was even better than the first Finally we get to experience David and he is just awesome and completely adorable Can t wait to read book 3 I HIGHLY recommend this book series

  • Holy crap this book is sexy as hell pun intended lol It s jammed with allKinds of action and daddy is priceless.

  • Hot, Hot, Hot Muriel Auric are fighting demons again as some of them are rebelling against Lucifer following another bad person.Though this book adds another person to their relationship because Muriel s magic is sex based in order to defeat this new bad person she needs to have sex with than Auric At 1st she denies it because she doesn t want to cheat on Auric even though he understands that this will make her stronger he s even suggested his friend David as the other person in their menage Bu [...]

  • How much fun can Hell get When Hell Freezes over That is the threat Muriel gets from her evil ex Azz But is a girl to do She has a hottie lover, Auric who is her fallen angel, literally He is her protector and soul mate But she keeps suffering from bad dreams that are making her feel weak Muriel and Auric went to get guidance and what they find out upsets Muriel But if she wants to be strong enough to fight this curse, she needs to do it Muriel and Auric are such a great couple I love these two [...]

  • Oh gods, I can t even articulate how much I hated this book It s one of less than half a dozen I ve been unable to grit my teeth through in 2017.In the first book there was some serious character development that needed to happen but I gave it the benefit of the doubt thinking since it was a serious perhaps the author was just indulging in a slow build scene setting However we launch pretty much straight into sex with her boyfriend, then segue into a two minute conversation about a nightmare and [...]

  • I loved the books title for starters and was very keen to start the second book in this series I still enjoyed the story, it was funny and interesting I just felt that it was a little repetitive, and i didnt connect with the characters as much I really wanted it to be as good as the first book but i was struggling a little bit I definitely liked the addition of Auric s best friend, but i hated the way that Auric went about giving them his blessing That was hard to forgive him for.All in all, i l [...]

  • I really wish time and attention had been taken to develop the relationship between Muriel and her second boyfriend I also felt like the romance between Muriel and Auric was slipping through my fingers The ending was a bit anti climactic Still, I enjoy a good mfm urban fantasy, and this was a fun read.

  • I actually listened to this on audible, the second in the series and Muriel finds out about herself, picks up another lover and fights true evil as well as gets attacked on a number of occasionsAnother great story in this awesome series, I highly recommend this book and looking forward to book three

  • Good story This second book of the series was just so much fun The storyline was unique and yet full of action and adventure The characters are full of sexy fun times Love the audio option.

  • Worth A ReadI m enjoying the series It s an amusing take on Hell and Lucifer There s enough of a plot to make it interesting, but not so in depth that the books go beyond a light read Muriel is a kick ass character who can stand up for herself.

  • Here kitty kittyEve has a way with wordsa good and slightly evil way The Muriel fights her urge to accept David, the she is pushed toward him Let s just say, it all works out very sweetly Still binging and readingonto the next

  • Demon, urbanOh how fun When hell freezes over as a quote is awesome and then the author froze hell which made me laugh I love the characters and who can resist a snow angel Read it s a very entertaining series.

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