The Shadow Things

Free Download The Shadow Things - by Jennifer Freitag - The Shadow Things, The Shadow Things The Legions have left the province of Britain and the Western Roman Empire has dissolved into chaos With the world plunged into darkness paganism and superstition are as rampant as ever In the Down c Free Download The Shadow Things - by Jennifer Freitag - The Shadow Things, The Shadow Things The Legions have left the province of Britain and the Western Roman Empire has dissolved into chaos With the world plunged into darkness paganism and superstition are as rampant as ever In the Down c

  • Title: The Shadow Things
  • Author: Jennifer Freitag
  • ISBN: 9781935507390
  • Page: 362
  • Format: Paperback
The Shadow Things

Free Download The Shadow Things - by Jennifer Freitag, The Shadow Things, Jennifer Freitag, The Shadow Things The Legions have left the province of Britain and the Western Roman Empire has dissolved into chaos With the world plunged into darkness paganism and superstition are as rampant as ever In the Down country of southern Britain young Indi has grown up knowing nothing than his gods of horses and thunder so when a man from across the sea comes preaching a single GodThe Legions have Free Download The Shadow Things - by Jennifer Freitag - The Shadow Things, The Shadow Things The Legions have left the province of Britain and the Western Roman Empire has dissolved into chaos With the world plunged into darkness paganism and superstition are as rampant as ever In the Down c

  • Free Download The Shadow Things - by Jennifer Freitag
    362 Jennifer Freitag
The Shadow Things

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    Jennifer Freitag is an author of young adult historical fiction THE SHADOW THINGS and fantasy PLENILUNE THE SHADOW THINGS and PLENILUNE are available through.

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  • Did not finish Jennifer Freitag is a good writer, and very reminiscent of one of my favorite writers Rosemary Sutcliff but I was very disappointed by this book I had expected a little from this author, but unfortunately, she is like so many other Christian authors that seem to find it imperative to fill their books with gratuitous content that adds nothing to the book itself Rosemary Sutcliff was not a Christian writer, so I expected to find scenes in her books that needed editing, and so, I w [...]

  • Age Appropriate For 15 and up for violence, intense content, and mild romanceBest for Ages 15 and upI started this book because I wanted to listen to something on my Kindle while I worked, and I am trying to read a bunch of books from the Homeschool Authors blog this year I knew I was going to get a well written story, but I was not prepared to be amazed by it.This story captured not only my imagination, but also my heart I don t think I have ever read a book with so many hard sad events in it t [...]

  • Abridged review check out the full version here.You know a book has captured you when you start bargaining with it If you end this way, then I will review you on my blog tomorrow If you end this way, then I shall be really unhappy and THINK about reviewing you on Friday I m sure the book was terrified at the possibility of delay.There are many things to admire about the story crafting the first of which is what others have mentioned before me Word weaving is a skill to be learned, mostly through [...]

  • Like many of the home educated, I grew up reading the occasional Rosemary Sutcliff book Sutcliff s novels were often set in ancient or early medieval Britain, meticulously well researched and exquisitely written While I did and do appreciate Sutcliff s deep characters, historical detail, and mature writing style, there always seemed something missing in her books They rarely left me feeling satisfied often, they left me depressed or as with The Shining Company deeply traumatised Eventually I put [...]

  • The best part of The Shadow Things, in my mind, is the quality of the writing The author was able to create such vivid pictures within the words she wrote Pictures of light and beauty, thunder and pain There is such a depth in them, such a knowledge behind them, and such a grace to them They pull at one s heart and make it ache Without a doubt, Jennifer Freitag is an adept, and grace filled author Her prose is beautiful, effortlessly beautiful Her writing reads like magic The characters in The S [...]

  • The Shadow Things is a Christian historical novel set in southern Britain, apparently sometime in the late 5th century There was a nice level of setting and everyday historical detail to bring the story alive in my imagination.The main focus of the story was about a few members of a pagan tribe choosing to follow Christ and the conflict between them and those in the tribe who still followed the pagan ways The story contained a number of discussions about God and how Christ can give salvation, bu [...]

  • A vivid story set in a dark and oft forgotten time and place the Downlands of Britain just after the fall of the Roman Empire The writing is beautiful and at times heart wrenching, and the whole story carries a powerful theme.

  • Very good A sweet, truth filled story, leaving me hungry for heavenly things, thirsty for living water and so glad to belong to the kindhearted Christos Also, I loved its size Long enough to be well told, but short enough to not require too much commitment

  • 3.5 stars The Shadow Things is an unusual book, at least in my experience, both in its choice of subject and the fearless way in which it delivers its message Set in ancient Britain, it is the story of a pagan chieftain s son who receives the Christian gospel from an outsider, and faces difficult choices and persecution from those closest to him following his acceptance of it.I felt for a while in the first part of the book that there was a good deal of exposition that the characters interaction [...]

  • The Shadow Things.Reading Jennifer Freitag s book was like reading one of Rosemary Sutcliff s Roman Britain novels only better because Jenny happens to focus on Christianity in her plot and characters, which I loved.Her descriptions, as usual, are impeccable and blood red and living.The plot centers around Indi, a young man and a pagan, and his journey to Christ through a series of dark, desperate, and impacting events I loved the characters Indi, yes, but the side characters Procyon, the missio [...]

  • I read this because I follow the author s blog and have heard some pretty high opinions It took me a while to get into it though, partly from computer kindle issue.Round about 30 40% of the way through I finally got my Kindle app to behave and was I was hooked I could not put the book down.This is a type of story that you don t see often or, at least, I don t see very often unless you go back and read books by Henty or Sutcliff It s about a chieftain s son in a changing Britan Rome is gone, and [...]

  • I had ment to write a review for this book long agoI am afraid I was so much so in awe of the story and wordcrafting I had read that I only ever got as for as commenting my thoughts in a pages read update status There are times one wishes books weren t so vivid Then one wouldn t feel the need to cry or want to punch the villians That I supose is the mark of a great writer Amazing story crafting, Jenny Freitag For a cohesive and informative review I would probably recomend Katie s review review [...]

  • Full disclosure the author is my sister in law I mention this not to justify the review I m about to write, but simply by way of complete honesty In the same interest, if the book were in any way significantly flawed or deficient, it would be my duty to say so Happily this is not the case More than just a tale of trial and suspense, this story is imbued with the timeless truth of the Light of the world Toward the first part, the story itself is quite compelling The brisk pace of events fits the [...]

  • My Thoughts Wow This book is so spiritually encouraging and inspiring, yet without beinguffy It was very refreshing, in my opinion The characters were well written and believable those of you who know my qualms with Elsie Dins will know how much this meant to me I have to say, my favorite character was Indi Ack, I just loved reading about him His thought processes were similar to mine His patience was ah mazing When I first started it I took it to school ready during study hall , I read it at th [...]

  • I m very much a fan of Rosemary Sutcliff and this books possesses echoes of her style in the beautiful prose which almost reads like poetry.This isn t a clich d book Seriously It isn t The twists and turns I found to be entirely unexpected especially the ending.And it isn t a pleasant let s eat rainbows and ride unicorns tale Oh no, of course not There was a particular character who only appeared in a few scenes yet who I grew attached to I was rooting for her survival She was so wittle and cute [...]

  • After reading the last page, setting it down, and just letting it soak in, one can t help but ask themselves why an author like this remains so obscure Jennifer Freitag is brilliant.It s quite an unimpressively sized book, with a lovely but fairly simple cover design nothing flashy, nothing showy but as for what s between those coversere s nothing unimpressive or simple there It has a wonderful set a well rounded, very likable, and fully believable characters I loved the post Roman Britain setti [...]

  • Beautiful Thats the one word to describe Jenny s novel The emotion was pure cut, nothing overally dramatic It was realistic, gripping, and heart rending all the same Indi s change of life and believe wasn t a dramatic all of a sudden thing, but it wasn t drug out to such an extent of boredom His broken hearted devotion to Sillvia when she cheated on him Lenag s quiet love for Cynr even during his cruelets moments though, her last straw might ve broken when during the certian part towards the end [...]

  • Jennifer Freitag has a beautiful writing style I have enjoyed following her blog for some time now, and was excited to discover The Shadow Things in my local library And the writing did not disappoint it was full of rich description and well woven language.In fact, it was a beautiful novel all the way through I found the plot riveting, and Indi s journey moving All of the characters, good and bad, were very well written and fleshed out And the introduction of a loving God provides a beautifully [...]

  • The book is set in Britain after the Roman Legions have left and the world has fallen back into darkness and paganism Set in one of the tribes of southern Britain, Indi has grown up in a culture of angry gods that capriciously vent their whims on the people Then a man from across the sea comes preaching a single God, slain on a cross Indi slowly comes to believe the truth of the One God, yet in so choosing, he becomes the the scapegoat for everything bad that happens to his people The book looks [...]

  • Jennifer Frietag is a talented author Think Rosemary Sutcliff plus C.S Lewis Think beautiful words woven together like a tapestry, showcasing the incredible truths we find in the Bible, all through real to life characters.As for this book I read it two years ago Twice, so that I could have clear thoughts about it I still don t Perhaps if I read it again, now that I m a little older I m confused by the book because my thoughts were so different from the other reviewers For me, while the writing i [...]

  • This book was infinitely better than I originally thought it was going to be I don t normally care for depressing stories, and mark my words, this one can get a little depressing with the pagan practices and how they clash with Christianity actually, this book reminded me a lot of a biography of Saint Patrick that I read but it was also a very powerful story, despite the novel s short size.I wouldn t recommend this to younger readers because it can get a little disturbing and there are some matu [...]

  • I found this book so very intriguing A great read It displays well the struggle people of tradition have when thrust into a world of change This is the tale of Indi, a Chieftain s son in a pagan tribe, and his difficult journey of faith in the one true God, the Christos Estranged from his own family and demoted a slave in his own home, Indi learns to rely on the living God and in return gains peace and eternal life.To read the full review, visit my blog Sarah, Plain Average sarah plainandaverage [...]

  • Warning Warning That s the warning label this book ought to have had Advertised as in the spirit of authors like C.S Lewis it is instead a novel about how pagans are bloodthirsty and wrong while Christians are gentle,good and right It was pretty stomach churning and historically inaccurate to boot if you know anything about the tribes of Britain around the time the book takes place.

  • This book was truly a masterpiece just beautiful There were some things I disagreed with, however, about her theology, but not so much that I wasn t able to appreciate the book I thought it was pretty amazing the way the author was able to weave in all the talks about God without making anything awkward.

  • This little book started out unassumingly, but by the time I got to the end, I thought my heart would stop Wonderfully written story of a young man s journey from the darkness of false gods to the Light of the true God, set in post Roman Britain Books like this make my heart sing.

  • A much enjoyable if not challenging read It was perfect for the moment for me and I know several others who would like it too I ve chosen it for my guest blog review on dianamj.wordpress

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